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  1. Hi andyg, thanks a lot for your kind offer. I would be very greatful, if you can submit a copy to the following e-mail address: research5@kunstmedaillen.net
  2. Hi friends of world coins, I am looking for the following coin: 450 years anniversary of the national university of San Marco in Peru. The coin has been issued in 2001. On the homepage of the National Bank of Peru I have found the publication of the legislation for the emission of this coin, but no picture. http://www.bcrp.gob.pe/docs/Transparencia/...4-2001-BCRP.pdf Can anybody in this forum help with a nice picture? Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
  3. The coin on Friedrich August was sold in eBay Germany for 67 EURO, this is about 100 US $.
  4. To keep this thread alive: http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT This satirical coin seems to be rare. I have seen this image of Friedrich August (the last Saxonian King) the first time. Mainly Wilhelm II. coins are changed.
  5. Here is the avers of the 50 $ Jamaica coin on the 50th anniversary of the University of the West Indies. That's all I could find on the pages of the Caribbean Banks of Belize, Jamaica and East Caribbean States. Thank you again for your help.
  6. Hiho and gxseries thanks a lot for your help. I have checked eBay for these coins the last weeks, but I have not found anything. Hiho, please let me know whenever you notice one of these coins in eBay.
  7. Does this forum really has no coindealer with carribean coins???
  8. Following my knowledge Rauch is the most famous coindealer in Vienna: http://www.hdrauch.com/index.php?PHPSESSID...241a8adf0378c47 The address and opening time of the shop you can find here: http://www.hdrauch.com/contact/index.php? A list of coindealers in Vienna and Austria is listed here: http://www.sammeln.at/haendler/muenzen.htm
  9. Hello friends of world coins, for my collection of commemorative coins on universities I am looking for the 10 $ and 50 $ Silver coins from 1998 on the 50 years anniversary of the West Indian University. These coins have been issued by Belize, Jamaica and the East Caribbean States. Who can help? At the same time I am looking for nice pictures of these coins, for a catalogue to be published. Thanks a lot for your help.
  10. Goetzdude, do you have any idea on a birth medal on Stefan (Stephan) van Wien? I have checked the Kienast, but I have not found anything. But it could be that any other Munich artist has produced this medal. Let us try to find out, whether there is another medal on the van Wien children. I have already checked the work of Dasio and the publication of Heidemann (DGMK Vol 8, 1998, Medaillenkunst in Deutschland von 1895 bis 1914 (Art medals in Germany from 1895 to 1914)) with about 1300 medals from that time. I have found nothing, but I will contact different museums on that.
  11. Dear friends of Goetz medals and of the family van Wien, I have very good news from Lyra (Van Wien) Hekmatpanah, the daughter of Stefan van Wien. I have contacted her husband Javad Hekmatpanah, who is professor at the Chicago medical center: http://www.uchospitals.edu/physicians/java...kmat-panah.html Mrs. van Wien informed me about her family as follows: We were really amazed to receive your letter. You know a lot about our family! I'm sure there must have been a medal to honour the birth of my father, Stefan Van Wien, but I have no idea where that medal would be. But here are
  12. Hiho, I regret, but the Basel medal of Hans Frei is already sold.
  13. Hiho you are right, but my favorite is the casted bronze medal of Huib Luns: http://www.muenzauktion.info/auction/item....=50&lang=de
  14. Hello friends of historic medals, You can find 62 medals on universities, academies and high schools in the price range 1 - 199 EURO in the following internet auction: http://www.muenzauktion.info/auction/list....6&lines=100 The medals are from the following countries: England, France, Netherlands, Poland, CSSR, Belgium, Russia, Swiss, Austria, Norway... I believe these medals are of interest of this forum.
  15. Goetzdude, I have not seen this medal before and I have no idea on the author.
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