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Freeing the proof set!

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So my classes start again in another week or so and I decided I don't want to carry the 1977 proof set from this thread, http://www.coinpeople.com/Proof-set-circul...-fun-t9755.html while I'm in class. So, I am going to give the proof set from 1977 away to the first person to guess what my first pre 1900's coin was. I will end the competition this Friday and just pick someone at random if nobody can quess it. (I'm almost wondering if anyone would actually want an impared proof set like this? lol, hey at least it's a free $1.91 right?)


I will give one hint: It didn't have a smooth or reeded edge, good luck!

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It'd be cool to continue on with wearing the coins down. Hope whoever wins wants to do that as well.


Yes, I really hope whoever gets this will continue the pocket ride!


So far no one has gotten it right, so I will give another hint every day to speed things up lol.


todays hint is:


It had a male figure on the obverse.


(I'm trying to keep these kinda vague so bear with me lol)

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(I already gave todays clue, but I just wanted to say that you can guess more than once, but try to keep it at no more than 2-3 a day) :ninja:

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Can you guys include a coin with the country you're naming? :ninja:


Don't worry the hints will get more and more helpful as the week goes on, and seeing as it's after 12AM I will add todays.




This coin is NOT from N or S America, Australia, Africa, Japan, China, Korea, India, Cuba, or Russia.


(How's that for narrowing it down? Don't forget the age and other hints to help you guess)

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OK, I think I will try and get in on this. :ninja:


Belgian 5 francs?


I'm kinda surprised nobody got this yet.


Todays hint (double hint)


The coin was dated 1800 exactly

The coin had circles on the rim not reeding/text/whatever (strange right?)

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Hope it's not Austrian 6 Kreuzer 1800. because it was the basement of my collection too...  :ninja:


Nope, but someone is on the right track. :lol:

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