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  1. Hey guys, I still have some coins for sale. Drop me a line when you're interested in anything.. Marvin Iran : set of 250, 500 and 1000 Rials SH1388 1,30€ Albania : 10 Leke (new, magnetic type) 2009 0,80€ Algeria : 10 Centimes 1989 (rare in KM 2010) 3,90€ Algeria : 20 Centimes 1987 1,00€ Algeria : set of 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 Dinar (10-100 Dinar are bimetallic. high catalogue value) 13,20€ Ethopia : 1 Birr 2010 (bimetallic) 3,10€ Turkey : 2* 1 Türk Lirasi (both bimetallic) Cat and Dog mintage 15.000 sold San Marino : 1 Euro 2009 (bimetallic) 5,00€
  2. After receiving many coins from partners from abroad I decided that it doesn't make sense to keep them in my double list.. Therefore I want to sell these coins : Algeria 1/4 + 1/2 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 10 + 20 + 50 + 100 Dinar (10 + 20 + 50 + 100 Dinars are bimetallic coins) each 15,- EUR Algeria 50 Dinar commemorative coin each 4,- EUR 100 Dinar commemorative coin each 7,50 EUR Algeria 10 Centimes 1989 KM#115 - Listed as "RARE" in 2010 Krause Mishler - I'm asking 3,- EUR (discount possible if you're buying more than 1) Algeria 20 Centimes 1987 KM#118 0,80 EUR each Iran 250 + 500 + 1000 Rials new types 2009/2010 4,- EUR Kyrgyzstan 5 different 1 Som coins BU condition (they look like proof coins) : set 30,- EUR Shipment is the price the German Post is charging, no extra fees, etc. Payment is accepted via PayPal, Cash or BIC/IBAN transfer. Contact me via mortyr2012@gmx.net if you're interested. Bye, Marvin
  3. Hey guys, I have just received several sets of Algerian coins 20 Centimes, 1 Dinar, 2 Dinar, 5 Dinar, 10 DInar, 20 Dinar, 50 Dinar and 100 Dinar (10,20,50 and 100 are bimetallics) According to high catalogue values (Krause 2010: US-$ 71.50) I am charging EUR 15,- per set. Let me know if you are interested. Contact me via personal message or via email mortyr2012@gmx.net Best wishes, Marvin
  4. Ok guys, I am back to post here a bit .. See here my latest additions to my collection. Meanwhile I am not anymore a collector of US-Coinage, but a collector of coins from all over the World. Hope you enjoy : Number 1 : Lot of Kazakh 50 Tenge commemorative coins (their mintages are around 50.000) and number 2 : A big lot of Philippine coins Hope you enjoyed them.. Marvin
  5. Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends
  6. No, the neither had circulating coins (afaik) nor are part of the European Union. Belarus isn't a candidate to become a member at all.. So far they only paid with banknotes. At the end of the year it seems like they are going to have coins and a monetary reform (1:1000), we'll see how it develops Marvin
  7. Hi, just wanted to inform you guys about the fact, that Belarus will issue it's first circulating coins this year. Here is a picture of their coins : Marvin
  8. Voted for LP-15, but all designs are not that bad..
  9. Christian, I think the UEM coin is the one with the "big" stars, Just compare it to the regular issue that has the smaller stars on it, but probably only Don Quijote can say for sure
  10. I have just received some sets of these sets and wanted to ask if there is anybody interested in getting these? I'm asking $5,30 per set plus shipment to your location, just send me an Email if you are interested in these. Marvin
  11. I guess there are too many people in America who would be against it When I read "I like Ike" I had to think about this Ok, enough off-topic now
  12. It's a Chinese Pagoda.. the Royal Mint gave out a commemorative coin to honor this sort of buildings. As far as I remember correctly it's the Pagoda in Kew Gardens
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