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  1. It can be a case. Was Mr. Newman aware of Russian 19th century coins in proof - I dont know. Was it him who signed these envelopes - I do not know either. From the picture of 25 kop 1827 available, this coin does not look to me being in proof. NGC might have good reasons do not grade it as a proof, and so on and on
  2. is this book currently on web somewhere for sale?
  3. Sigi, did you receive this coin yet ? Is this an original ?
  4. IMIS, did you see a coin in person ? Looks like too many "ifs" in your statements, also needs new better photos as well. BTW, welcome to coinpeole ! I missed something from this story, where did you get that info, that EPN had graded his coin as proof ?
  5. As one may think and have his/her own opinion, I would agree with Igors, that the term PROOF refers to the process by which the coins are made and not to the condition of the coin
  6. no warranty, no claims, no NUTRAL feedback
  7. this auction was offering a duplicates from Hermitage duplicates of yefimoks Markov wanted to sell to satisfy his expenses when purchased yefimoks from the hoard (N&E #8)
  8. nice film, thank you for showing
  9. krause is too far to learn russian coins, krause just for orientation on prices but sometimes even this a big problem for them
  10. all russian coins are overpriced on ma-shops, who buy them ?????????
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