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  1. photos would help definitely, BTW, welcome to coinpeople !
  2. if you read carefully the whole thread there (sister forum), they have a proof that this is a fake
  3. Sigi, did you visit numismaic club in Moscow ? Museums ? Flea markets ? Book stores ? Bolshoi Teater?
  4. i think i saw similar to this one currently on ebay
  5. here are images from mine second signed edition
  6. you may not believe it but it was discovered a long time ago and it si listed in every catalog especcially by Fedorin
  7. yes. old years nobody cared about rare variants so much ( some people did) because of not having imternet and real communications then
  8. it is graded already as scratched and cleaned, what did you mean else
  9. Just got home, a second edition says that variants mentioned by BKB is only met and known in proof; Goodman sale had one PROOF full set of 1922, plus four more 1922 proofs
  10. do you have Fedorin 3rd issue, I got the second one and stopped
  11. i think all proofs of 1922 count in high demand and bring high prices; these about to prices of the last Romanovs rubles in high grade; I always wanted 1922 but never had them; this question can be addressed directly to Fedorin too using MOnety i Medali web site
  12. one of my feeling is that it is too much for this type of coins in low condition (not even this particular one), but another my feeling tells me that back to 1737-1740 even later some of Anna's army soldiers coud have wore it and proud of it; so, for that - a historical importance of such coins are of high interest to some collectors, IMXO
  13. does someone have a pics of these sets (2002) ?
  14. problematic price too, goes up like collectors do not see it, but trust the seller, over all its condition is very low
  15. the whole is where dark spot is, at 12 oclock
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