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  1. It is very interesting issue. I remember, once you said "оценивать русские монеты в час по чайной ложке" about NGC grading. Now, after russian grading one of these roubles by Shiryakov, you are asking for help?
  2. It's a pun, wordplay. Musor means trash, insulting word for cops in Russia. The car is Maserati. So, police car Maserati means Musorati Or you can say Trasherati
  3. Lucky is the guy who sold this piece of crap.
  4. Don't like it too. I think the genuine 3 kopecks (different year) used to produce this. I just thinking which year. 1907 perhaps.
  5. Sigi, did you see russian bears on the streets there? Did you try russian vodka?
  6. 5 Rouble 1904 in NGC slab MS67 is worth above $500. Well, let's say I know people who is ready to buy such coins (1903 and 1904) for that price in quantities.
  7. This one is good, but the one I've posted is fake.
  8. Yeah, looks original, but once again, check the edge. It's 100% fake.
  9. Just in case, there are a lot of fakes of this common rouble on the market right now. Looks genuine, but check the edge
  10. Well, considering the pictures you have provided, I do not think that somebody will be able to say anything about authenticity.
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