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    Where Belgium, Netherlands & Germany meet
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    The largest Russian and Siberian copper coins 1758 - 1810 including variants and overdates

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  1. Sigi, we love you and your collection. Good luck with anything else you are doing with your life currently. Enjoy it! I am sure we all will always be happy to hear from you here if you choose to ever drop back.

    If anyone is trying to find Sigi's old collection, it switched the ownership and moved over here:

  2. I sold most of my collection in the late nineties, since then focussing on the large coppers Sigi - http://www.sigistenz.com
  3. Very interesting, Alex!I had hunted down the 3 eagle variants which was pretty tough but never had known about mules. Sigi
  4. Have them graded 🀣 Ir's as easy as that. Sigi
  5. Not quite,but over the years I upgraded many of them several times and still do... Sigi
  6. I like yours, Josh. it is quite nice. Peter's features and everything else are distinct. It has never been cleaned or doctored and sure would have a lot to tell. It might be an overstrike? Sigi . .
  7. As a general rule can be said that modern fakes are never that worn because they have not seen any circulation. Judging from the pictures the worn coins shown here are genuine. Seeing the edge however would give even more certainty. Sigi
  8. Hi Ian, this is a matter of long experience. I have been specializing in old Russian coins for nearly 5ΓΌ years. There are many features. Take for one the letters indicating value and date. I do not succeed inserting links here, don't know why. Do copy it in your browser. It shows pictures of genuine coins auctioned in Russia. Compare and get an idea. Sleeping time for little boys here - Good Night https://www.m-dv.ru/monety-rossii-1700-1917/kid,14/mid,18/nid,36/types.html
  9. Hi my old fried, your 10 kopeck looks pretty good. What makes you think that is is fake? Can you show the edge? it often gives away am otherwise nice looking coin, as many counterfeiters neglect it somewhat. See link for my coins. They are all genuine. Take care, stay safe, Sigi http://www.sigistenz.com link doesn't work. Copy www.sigistenz.com into your browser
  10. Ian, that is indeed a very nice and clear overdate! Congratulations. I'll examine pictures of AM coins closer now. Thank you very much. Sigi
  11. Ian, those are not overstrikes but overdates. Not the whole coin was struck over, only the the cipher "0" was altered on the die. Mostly the overdate is rarer than the plain date. Looking forward to the close up of the date. Cheers, Sigi πŸ˜€
  12. Hi Ian, thank you for sharing. Is the 1791 a 1791/0 overdate ? Here is my 1793/2 overdate. Have fun hunting πŸ˜€ Sigi
  13. πŸ˜€ haha nice joke. BTW - my coins are in BEBA Boxes. I can strongly recommend them. I have used them for at least 50 years, including my very 1st one. They are robust and don't do harm to my coins all of which are raw of course. Sigi - http://www.sigistenz.com
  14. Agreed. Contours should be sharp. Note: Seller does not accept returns. Keep away. Sigi
  15. Congratulations, dear Josh. Nice coins both of them. The 1796 is very interesting. And sure worth the price - in fact it is a bargain!! Sigi
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