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  1. Congratulations, dear Josh. Nice coins both of them. The 1796 is very interesting. And sure worth the price - in fact it is a bargain!! Sigi
  2. I experienced that, too. Only thing to do is to try again and again....... Sigi
  3. I have been buying from him many times. As he sells most of his Russian coins to Russian buyers, the Russian coins are in Moscow. For non-Russian buyers he has to have the coins sent to Prague first. It takes 2 months or more to finally hold your purchase in hand. But KATZ is reliable, trustworthy. Sigi .
  4. Very interesting theory I know too little of coin production at the time. Maybe the planchet was so uneven that striking did not flatten it smooth ? What counts for me is that the coin's appearance is natural - not caused by heavy corrosion. Not a beauty but interesting. Sigi
  5. The pits in the field is not corrosion - according to Mr Сергей Старовойт, author of Сибирская Монета 1766-1781, they are not uncommon for early uneven flans (1766, 1767). See close up below.
  6. Another important contribution to Russian Numismatics. My sincere felicitations, Sigi
  7. That is a very nice one, St.George is bold as struck. Sigi
  8. Well, here they are, the 2nd one is a novodel. I don't collect novodely but included this one as it came at the price of a business strike Sigi
  9. Thank you, Josh. I'm crossing fingers for you, buddy. Sigi
  10. I did not go for the 2kop1802KM, I have one in my collection, not as nice however. I am still waiting for the 3 coins I won in his March auction. On each reminder he replies that due to the virus they are stuck in his Moscow office. And that he will send them "asap" . Sigi .
  11. A few years ago these would fetch $1000 or more at auctions. Nowadays they cost less than 1/2. Sigi
  12. The crowns are different as well. I don't know which one is scarcer. To get an idea, it would help to compare with m-dv. Sigi
  13. Dear Eugene, here is page 212 which was missing above - excuse the delay, I did not have it here. Sigi
  14. Yes indeed, owning the book you can tell the mint of Elizabeth's and Peter III's no mintmark coins. It's available from extant4cell. Sigi
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