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  1. Unrelated to the question of authenticity, but in what universe does this coin deserve an AU55 grade?
  2. That one looks alright to me. Although, I do not routinely buy roubles. The hole is unfortunate but it has a better overall appearance that mine.
  3. 1778 5K looks alright to me. 1770 10K is a bit rough, I'm not sure about it.
  4. Ian, to clarify - the 2K, 5K, and 1768 10K are, sadly, not genuine. The reason why we see them as not genuine is inextricably linked to the information provided in the links we shared. Namely, the lettering and design details on these coins are not consistent with that of the coins that are considered to be genuine. To put it in plain words, they don't look right. You can see it for yourself if you compare the images of those 3 coins with the images of the genuine ones. While the overall design looks close, the devil is in the details.
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of Russian coins. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with replicas of varying quality. One has to exercise extreme caution. As a general rule, do not buy directly from Russia. There are export prohibitions on antiquities, and most sellers just pedal replicas. This forum in the Russian language, has a lot of information: http://coins.su/forum/forum/262-poddelnye-monety-dlya-kollektsionerov/
  6. Good call! I thought that one looked a bit better, but having taken a closer look it is, unfortunately, not authentic.
  7. A new coin Hisa? Great find! I vaguely recall reading somewhere about the the 1726 Kopeck (maybe here?). There's a difference in the terms Pattern and Essai, which might not exist (or be commonly used) in Russian terminology. Pattern presumes a perfectly struck example to be copied, this is usually a new design being adopted by the mint, and to your point there is no reason to produce a Pattern in 1726 for a design that existed in 1724. From what I understand/recall the 1726 coins are - Essais. The mint was gearing up to launch another series of the "Frame" kopecks in 1726, new die
  8. Here's an interesting article on this topic in Russian - http://urk97.narod.ru/club/gazeta2006/gazeta_02_02.htm
  9. The 1722 Peter 2 roubles on eBay looks very fake.
  10. I've recently come to purchase a full set of the so called 1961 USSR Die Trials. It's 9 tokens matching in sizes and composition the Soviet coins that came into circulation in 1961. However they are uniface and only bear the inscription Образец Госбанка СССР. I don't actually collect much in terms of the Soviet era coins, but these seemed interesting and I could get a full set in NGC BU slabs, so I went for it. As usual for me, I first buy and then start looking around to figure out what it is that I bought. To start with, these are listed in Petrov/Fedorin's catalog # 757, 758, 759, 760,
  11. Bought a few times from them, nothing in that specific auction though. No problems with payments, they usually take forever to ship coins (months). Also, there are fakes in pretty much every auction, not all are sold as "collector's copies". Good luck!
  12. This one? https://www.katzauction.com/lots/view/1-34J7LN/russia-4-kopeks-1796-antique-collector-copy I think I have something like that lying around.
  13. I was thinking that about the Crimean Kyrmis coins
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