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  1. Hello I have 1805 EM Denga which was sold on 2013 St James auction in England https://www.m-dv.ru/catalog/p,142664/image.html Two collectors said that it is counterfeit coin cause dies do not mach (letter and number punches are different that they used) and edge is completely different from the others. I found that there are two types counterfeit coins of 1805 EM Denga which were made by copying from original pattern I couldn't find this type of coin in any catalogues and selling history in m-dv.ru so I decided to sent this coin for grading with all these problems and got grade AU55 BN so the coin is original https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/5777522-011/55/ What do think maybe it is unique coin which isn't described in any catalogues or maybe someone knows in what catalogue to find it ?
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