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  1. I was wondering about that myself. The ghosted letters at the right of the portrait.. cant quite read it.
  2. I win the ugly ruble war! Ian, i will happily trade!
  3. Ugly coins need love too!
  4. https://coinsmoscow.ru/en__product__denga-1805-em-copper-copy/?catID=1288
  5. Terrific way to bring a thread back to life!
  6. Coins arrived! Very pleased. Pauls overstrike 1796 EM 5K has clear traces of \\\\\\\ edge in 2 sections. the rest is XXX. I like a bargain, with overstrikes you can get 3 coins for the price of one, LOL. In hand, and in direct sunlight, the coins have much darker patina than the auction photos show. I suspect photoshop correction to bring detail out, or some lighting conditions that distort color. These pics were with my cell phone, in direct daylight.
  7. Katz emailed me with a tracking number today! Really weird communication from those guys. I get emails that are clearly from several different people, who dont seem to be in synch with each other. They are obviosly working from different locations, but they all use the same email addy. All signed "katz auction team". No names. Next update when they arrive!
  8. All good to know. It is the inability to confim my transfer, after 3 weeks, that has my attention. I have confirmation the payment was completed to the correct account from the tranfer service on my end. I cant complain about shipping time until they confirm they got paid. Then I wait again, then I hope they dont screw up shipping, then I can see if there are any fakes! Looking back, theres only one that could be iffy. I was outbid on the better of two 1810 KM 5K, so I bid on the lower grade coin, and got it. I thinks its ok, but maybe cleaned and retoned. Hard to tell from the pics. Hope to receive an ugly messy overstrike to show here, I think its interesting, but want to get it first and take my own pics, lol.
  9. Thanks guys. I will update here when I hear back. They did reply, by email,, saying they would have their accountant look into it. Not reassuring.
  10. Anyone else have problems with Katz in Prauge not communicating? Bought some coins from the recent Auction 35, and wired them payment. They say they dont have it, its been 3 weeks. They requested and I sent proof of wire transfer. No response at all now. First Auction with them. Next step is to try a phone call.
  11. That looks like the result of flaws in the copper from too much cooling from furnace to the next process. It must have been very cold in Siberia that day. (What are the odds?) Very cool overdate ☺️
  12. Alex, perhaps you could send it to one of the grading services for authentication? The last photo example above appears to be slabbed, and a good match. Regards
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