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  1. I think we were all looking at that 1768 10k from Portugal - it would have been one of the nicer examples in existence if it was legit, worth a lot more - but it has the painted patina look, the dies don't look right, the light metal look under the cipher you should SNAD that one if seller doesn't allow a return his other novodels are modern bunk too there's not much of a shortcut to figuring these things out, those of us who can look at something and say it doesn't look right spent decades compulsively checking the catalogs against what's being offered for sale if you stacked all of SIgi's discarded pitaki, it would form a column that would reach Jupiter
  2. this object of metal and plastic is outrageous on multiple levels it would deserve a 55 if someone chucked it to the bottom of the ocean, we die off from a zombie pandemic war, the next species digs it up in 1,000,000 years, numismatic science is bounds ahead and it turns out that it actually was an authentic unknown die, and by then gradeflation would have increased that 35 to be a 55 that's really the only way I see this ever being an authentic 55
  3. I wouldn't worry any more than usual at this time. They typically take at least two months to ship. The more interesting question is why. I don't know the answer, but I have wondered if the coins are actually in Prague at the time of the auction. I hate to wait so long and I don't trust their images, so I don't bid on their auctions anymore. At this point, it's healthier to accept your fate and don't torture yourself.
  4. not a rare medal... https://numar.ru/medals/aleksandr-ii/vystavki-sobytija/prices3420
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