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  1. this is an item number 261243953759 http://www.ebay.com/itm/261243953759?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1426.l2649#ht_413wt_659 going crazy with bidders and seller did not tell ruble has a whole
  2. i did not like new design but knew that all will stay what they collected
  3. if you win, the seller from moscow will declare in custom form something like this: "fake jeton"
  4. ruble looks original to me from this picture
  5. I do not get it why this topic is under "article" - could someone move it out of here and place it in a right category ?
  6. is this an article or your explanation of such rare coin being in existance ?
  7. i wouldnt buy it eather by one reason - that large dark spot - difficult to remove
  8. i saw this coin at auction, did you win it ?
  9. im very interesting how india 5 rupees were mineted at moscow, cannot see the mint mark, blury pics, does krause catalog lists these as struck in moscow?
  10. above medal was awarded to 800 anniversary of Moscow city found, similar as to Kiev found 1500 years ago - were awarded at their working places as i said earlier to people of Moscow and Kiev topic starter medals - one sided medals can be not pattern but just one sided i remember from the past and were sold as souvenier at many places in republic capitals like Moscow, Kiev, Kishinev, Minsk, etc IMXO lasr medal topic starter is from 1912 - one hundred years from patriotic war I where Napoleon was biten by Russians and allians, cannot guarantee its authenticy from this pic but generally looks o
  11. i was wondering how many folks ordered his book from this forum; i recently asked him and he said that no one
  12. im surprised this discussion is stilll here but not in right place this is an article place
  13. Needs the following firms auction catalogs with russian coins collection: Superior Galleries Ira&Larry Goldberg World-Wide of California Dieter Gorny/Mosch Sotheby's Christie's Stack's Swiss Bank Bank Leu Spink & Son numismatics Adolph Hess Nach Thomas Hoiland Renaissance Heritage Aurea Please respond to my PM for any catalog you might have
  14. i want you to get the point that museum collections, most private collections, collections of advaced collectors, stack of hundreds of world-wide dealers will not share with you anything; taking info from auction catalogs last ten years from m-dv will violate their work, then from where you can take this info; do you have a stock of at least of couple thousands auction catalogs home to do that ? from above points i do not see the future so far; this forum allows us to open any coin topic/ subject and fill in as much it can be, like i opened one of my favorite about 2 kop 1810 and it is now hi
  15. i dont know either one; and I am not against your project; i am very doubt of this because of short of coins to enjoy your idea; lets take ruble 1737; give me an example what would you download into your database for it ?
  16. do you think this topic helped him in order to complile his catalog ?
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