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  1. as i know most of materials is in russian language plus there is a forum bonistika; you may check this book in english "Czarist russian paper money 1769-1917" by Fiala (?), 1986; i would share and research more for you but time limited
  2. coin discussion is not in this section but peter kopek you showing there is gorgeous !
  3. can he/she provide a picture of one as example ?
  4. i was wondering too if any catalog availble for mint production
  5. i will try to search it for myself, thank you for your time posting pics
  6. few packages I am expecting from Russia got stock somewhere - is there a sabotage ?
  7. Hello everyone ! Please respond who has this issue: May 2013, the Journal NUMISMATIKA, published in Moscow. It has an article by Krasnov about the collection of Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich. PLEASE, send a scan of it to my PM. Thank you on advance !
  8. ma-shops items are OVER priced - I was wondering who buying coins there ?
  9. last year I had 1976 set in yellow plastic at $29.95 - no one wanted ( sold for $25.00)
  10. i had one many years ago living in russia i just made for your a search link for 50 kop 1975 see if you find your piece there http://molotok.ru/listing.php/search?string=50+%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BF%D0%B5%D0%B5%D0%BA+1975&category=0&description=1&sg=0
  11. I am not home, but I will check its mintage later, the rest, I agree with Sigi
  12. a presence of both languages, russian and english, is because these sets were minted to be sold outside of russia those days
  13. do you have a pic of a coin you questioning ?
  14. this coin is for a beginner, very low shape, I would not buy it for myself, IMXO, btw, welcome to coinpeople !
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