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  1. Dear all, Please help me with this bronze coin (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures). Thank you in advance for any help! Mihai.
  2. Hello everybody, I get this coin few days ago.Please expres your opinion:fake or real?To me it s looks like cast. 2,66 gr. Best regards! Mihaizaha.
  3. Dear all, I d like to show my two 5 kopeks 1758 coins. Condition not great but normal for the type. Sadly I can t upload fotos from my computer so I got these links: https://www.omnicoin.com/coin/1047926 https://www.omnicoin.com/coin/1047929 Best regards.
  4. This is the best foto I got of the edge. http://imgur.com/UFfScPN Regarding the color yes,the coin was cleaned of the verdigris,and this is what s left,no artificial patina ad it. Was looking like this: http://imgur.com/4Cek6Xo http://imgur.com/eRLvQRy The reason I was asking you guys is because NGC consider the coin as "not genuine". The only difference is in my opinion the two dots are to the left of the crown. Anyway I got several in this condition so I was thinking to grade one of them.Last time. Thank you guys for your time.
  5. Gentlemans, I m asking your opinion on this coin. What do you think about it?I strongly think that s a perfect genuine coin. http://imgur.com/P4IEGbF http://imgur.com/CbWOSjk Your opinion is valued. Mihaizaha.
  6. Thank you very much, Let s try this way.. http://imgur.com/dUf29Bh http://imgur.com/9IhxUhX
  7. Dear fellow coin enthusiasts! can you gays help me identify this little silver coin? I ll take a wild guess and say is Golden Hoard? Thank you in advance for any help. Mihai. P.S. Can t atach the foto s,after all the crop an resizing pictures still to big.
  8. For some reason I cant load the other pictures.
  9. I got this coin recently, what do you guys think about it? The edge looks a bit sloppy. Thank you very much! Mihai Z.
  10. To check the die type you can also use sadagura.yolasite.com Mihai Z.
  11. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing! Mihai Zaharencu.
  12. Yes sir! To me...priceless! Thank you again!
  13. Thank you for your answer! I m not selling.Unfortunatly,I payd double that.
  14. Hello guys! I got this 1768 Poltina,I ll say F-VF and a bit overweight 13,10g . It has some ugly scratches,aparenlty old ones and some new. Considering that s a quite hard to find coin and its condition,what will be a fair price for it?. i allready pay and I want to know if I payd to much.You guys are more experienced and I ll appreciate your opinion. Thank you in advance! Mihai Zaharencu.
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