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  1. PM me what you find interesting. (Period, emperor, denomination). I keep all kinds of things in the bank :-) Do yo have a list of coins you are looking for? Right now I switched my collecting interest completely. Coins do not excite me anymore. Jump on the opportunity, until I get interested in coins again :-) However, there is not too many ugly coins, or 5 kop coins for that matter -- too much weight.
  2. If you are really interested, I can go to the bank and send you some photos. I do not mind parting with coins I no longer like...
  3. It is all about collecting preferences. In my "later" collecting years I finally learned to practice self-restraint. At this point, I am ok with buying 1 - 2 beautiful coins a year (or, no coins) instead of a bunch of low grade cheaper ones. For whatever reason I no longer derive any joy from ugly coins. But, as I said, it is very personal.
  4. Whatever works for you. Collecting is very individual.
  5. To answer your question -- yes and no. Depends on the level of material you collect.
  6. I'd buy it if it is truly nice. :-)
  7. It is very scarce. Just ask Steve :-) Only reason I had 3 (now down to 2), is because I was consciously looking for it for years. But, I do not consider the ones I have as coins -- antiquities, maybe :-) Yours is 100 times better. very tough to find in decent shape..
  8. Very good coin. Scarce in good condition. I had 3, all are ugly...
  9. Some of those coins did at some point.
  10. Interesting find. I have never seen it. I think it would be interesting to do a die comparison to see if this die ever had the line. Could be many reasons why this coin does not have the line: 1. Die was initially made without it. 2. Die was filled in and the line did not stamp out on the coin. 3. Some sort of die repair that eliminated the line (unlikely) 4. Tampering with the coin to create a rare variety. Hard to tell from these photos. First step would be to look at it using a 40x magnification. A microscope is perfect for that. Then I would look for the same die on m-dv.ru, or another database you use. But, being that there are no die breaks I can see, it would be a tough job. All in all, I think you would have better luck on some russian numismatic forum. There is a lot more of this newly dug-up material that they see...
  11. It is clearly Bitkin 1351 - 1357. Then, 1351, 1353 and 1355 are out, because the crowns there are not tall. 1356 and 1357 are out because the portrait is different. What is left, is 1352 and 1354. And, it looks like the same coin. :-) Look at "E" in MOHETA. And look at the same spot on your coin ;-) I do not see much difference between the 3 of them... Interesting -- same thing in Diakov/Fenzi: 421 or 422. The only difference is the crown's lower rim design of 422 is: "similar to 421 but larger diamonds on crown rim". This most likely would suggest same dies after some repair. That would explain 1352 and 1354 listings of same dies as diff. varieties in Bitkin. And it is hard to tell due to awful illustration quality. P.S. See what you did Dwight -- you made me go back to coin books again :-) I thought I was done with this...
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