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Hello from Germany!

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My name is Marvin and I am 13 years old!


I collect Eurocoins and American Coins



German Proof Sets (all Mintmarks)

German 10€ Commerative Set Proof

San Marino Mint sets and Minikits

2€ Commerative Coins



American Coins:

Silver Eagles (1986-2006)

Circulation Coins (1c - 1$)

Proof Sets (only 1976)

50 State Quarter Programm (all issues until Nevada P & D belongs to me)


I hope, that you understood, what i am collecting, etc..


Best regards from Germany

Marvin / Mortyr2012

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Hallo und willkommen, Marvin! :ninja:


There are a couple of euro collectors from the US here, and I guess that one or the other is interested in swapping. If they don't raise their hands voluntarily, I can "blab" privately later, hehe.


Note that we have a limitation for the "Advertising" forums http://www.coinpeople.com/Advertising-Forums-f30.html (which include a place for swapping/trading coins). This way only those "Coin People" who are active in the forums can also buy, sell, swap, etc. here. But don't let that discourage you. :lol:



Christian (elsewhere known as "chrisild" ...)

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Welcome. It's very nice to have you here. I hope that you'll join in our information sharing. There are a number of folks who collect Euros, as Christian said. I've just started to put together a set of the 2€ Commemoratives. I think a few others have picked that up as well.


You can find my 2€ info in the Advertising - Want to buy section.

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Love Germany, and I am moving back to the Aachen area in a few months.


Enjoy the forum! There are many smart people, and that is a big help with collecting questions I have.


Ciao, and Hook 'em Horns,

Capt-AWACS, Veni, Vidi, Bibi

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