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  1. I have no interest in collecting them, but in the future they will be worth money to certain subsets of collectors and those specializing in certain parts of the world or themes. At some stage they will even be in museums I am sure. Just as Nazi or Confederate money is popular with many today-for a variety of reasons-these will be too. I certainly have coins from bad regimes, especially a lot of Mussolini era coins so I do not want to seem a hypocrite, but having spent enough time in the part of the world the interest is not there for me.
  2. Привет and Welcome to Coinpeople :-)
  3. Not a fan of his designs, but I agree they resemble the old Swiss notes and some of the Israeli also. And of course huffpo will find a way to inject or mention race in every possible article the ever type but I digress...
  4. Sorry, it is not hot-linked, you have to cut and paste into the browser.
  5. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/09/fashion/change-for-a-bowie-the-advent-of-artisanal-cash.html?_r=0 Interesting article by Dan Crane one local currencies or what NYT calls artisanal cash. It has been around a while but a decent enough read nonetheless. Ciao
  6. darn, as I told another collector on this site, I literally had scores of them and they became play fodder for my kids and whatnot. I'll look around as I am moving in about 5 months and will be cleaning a bunch of stuff out. I know I have more stored away. Just ping me and ask.
  7. Received five U.S. dollar coins and interestingly two were Martin Van Buren but one was proof and one was a circ. strike. The busting up of proof sets, often by thieves continues (pet peeve of mine). Oddly the proof is somewhat circulated. I'll see if I can scan them side by side.
  8. Bermuda penny, a Canuck nickel and a British 10p. Nothing too exciting but nice nonetheless. I spent the 10p at LHR already LOL
  9. I hate to go on a tangent but as a pilot I must fill you in on the fact that Russia makes plenty of its own aircraft and flies them, as does China at COMAC. Canada and Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy also make commercial aircraft, and the list can go on. Airbus is starting to make airplanes in the US (Alabama) also, and has a license plant for A320 in China. Boeing makes aircraft in Wichita, kansas, and South Carolina for example. So it can be as "complicated" as your coin question! Many of the Euro coins are made in each country's home mint. Plenty of things are outsourced
  10. Had another long Coinstar dry spell, and then Thursday I found an only slightly crusty and rusty 1943 Steel 'penny'; so I guess there is still hope.
  11. Sure: It is a coin, and it is collectable. I already have one of that batch and do not "need" another or I would be interested since I live in Italia much of the year and collect Italian items.
  12. Nice SBA. [vent] I have been having a dry spell lately [/venting off] Best I have done is a 1946 (P) US nickel last week that summarily went into a vending machine.
  13. Several of my prior "good producers" have gone dry, though yesterday at a supermarket south of Downtown Houston I got a nearly mint state 2012 South Korea 10 won , and a handfull of regular small US change, and one carwash token... Not earth shaking but my first find of anything in while.
  14. Another wheatie.. 1953-D cent in change at a supermarket gas station in far northern Houston suburb. Seems only wheaties lately but I'll take it.
  15. Found a 1933-D US 1 cent "wheat penny" Seems to actually be a low mintage ~$2 coin via some sources but it has some crud on it. Still nice. This was a supermarket coinstar yesterday in the greater Houston metro area.
  16. Wish I'd have known, I think my kids used some of my pogs for game pieces and crayon fodder LOL
  17. Today I recieved a 1952-D (USA) One Cent ("wheat penny" for our int'l friends) in change at grocery store in central Houston. not earth shattering but nice nonetheless! I am finally seeing a few national park quarters; they seemed like ghost coins for the last few years...
  18. I concur on removing the cent. In fact on my military bases in Europe and other NON-CONUS locations there has not been cents for years and it is not a problem. I'd like to keep the nickel for now. I would like to dump the dollar bill and go to just a dollar coin with the $2 being the smallest bill for now. It will be interesting to see what happens from a pratical and numismatic perspective. Here in Europe I found the two euro cent coin very annoying and the Eurocent is not far behind. I like the areas where it just doesn't circulate.
  19. Received a UAE One Dirham coin in change at, IIRC Chick-fil-a in Houston last week. Cashier did not seem to notice but I saw it instantly even though it is very, similar to a quarter. I, of course, did not say anything since I always like to pick up some "goodies". Not super exciting but it has been a dry spell recently save for a lot of US FRN Star notes of all denoms but every single one was extremely used. here's to a better March!
  20. Agreed. I see much less than I used too even though they are being used often at a few spots I check. I found a Canadian 10c piece common date, several car wash tokens and some beat up early 70s US cents that had seen better days last week.
  21. very nice thanks for sharing. The way the exch. rate has been lately that is a pricey collection! Nerd question- Why write Espan~a and the other countries in their English names and make the Holland bag say The Netherlands!
  22. there have been media reports of Canadian's noting that the new 100s smell like maple... http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/05/28/186890578/does-canadas-100-bill-smell-like-maple-syrup-many-say-so
  23. NIce note! "Big poofy hats" could be its own sub-catagory theme of collecting
  24. BRand new BofE 20# I got the other day. It is so crisp I might save it for a while finally some 10 Riyals from the Kingdom (I lived there almost a year)
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