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Dockwallipers Metal Detecting finds contest.

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For a prize to be determined.......


During the Calander year 2005 I recovered exactly 4800 coins with my detector.

Of that total 162 were Foriegn(non-US)

That leaves 4638 coins with a face value of $294.59.


Here's the contest part....

How many of each coin did I find?






Half dollar



You guess a number for each denomination, I will respond with, Too high, too low or correct. First to get all the numbers correct wins.


You can guess again when the time stamp on your last guess is 12 hours old.


Good luck :ninja:

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The sum of cents can be only with 3 or 8 at the end...


Well, according to excel, there is no feasible solution trying every number of cents between 2493 and 2523 so there must be some sort of math error somewhere! By the way, your last quess had too many coins (4,664 vs. 4,632).

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Ok, let's try one more tme:

2503 cents=25.03$

471 nickels=23.55$



1 half dollar=0.50$

Total: 4632 coins in amount of 297.88$


Although this works, Doc has already stated that 550 quarters was too high (so 554 is out), and 473 nickels was too low (so 471 is out).

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Certainly I don't have the patience to do this manually, so I have programmed all the constraints into excel, and despite going through thousands of iterations, there is no feasible solution based on the current set of constraints. So there might be an error in here somewhere! My last guess was screwy because I forgot to set the sensitivity to 0 instead of 5%. Either way, we are stuck till after midnight! :ninja:


For anyone else, here are the constraints so far:





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