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Places on Coins


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Anyone have any coins featuring castles, buildings, bridges, or other landmarks that they have actually visited?


I'm not sure if I do but I will find out :ninja:

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Yup. All the buildings on the back of the US coins, been there. Very nice places I might add ;)


Ahh yes, I've been to Lincoln's memorial



Not to Monticello, there might be another one I've seen. I suppose if one counts Earth on the Ike's that would qualify ;)

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Lets see... I went to the Lincoln Memorial = US Cent and $5


Ive been to The White House = US $20


Ive been to the US Capitol Building = US $50


Thats what I can think of right now.



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most of the coins from the places i've been don't have any major landmarks worth visiting, (flowers, numbers, palms), but the banknotes are a different story. :ninja:


borrowing from the banknote museum, i've seen the pictured landmarks on these following notes:

bahrain - gold souk gate, grand mosque

italy - triton fountain, st. peter's basilica

korea - kyongbuk palace (the lake is overflowing with koi!)

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Moscow: I've visited almost all buildings, stadiums, museums shown in the commems

Kiev: idem

Leningrad: idem



Frankfurt am Main






Praha (Prague)




Unfortunately my album is full of pictures for PCI contest, but maybe I will put some coins on Omnicoin...

Next on the list is Paris (maybe next year in honeymoon...)

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Sure I've been to many places depicted on coins that I have. But the only coin (AFAIR) that I bought at the place which is shown on the coin is the US 1991 Mt Rushmore Half Dollar. Certainly not a bargain but a nice souvenir ...



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Not counting state quarters, I have been to the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the US Capitol, Mt. Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Smithsonian.

It's time for a trip in Europe!

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Lincoln Memorial

U.S. Capitol Building

Library of Congress


Basel, Switzerland, Airport

(have silver jeton commem.)


Mostly, I am waiting for the world's Mintmasters to commemorate the places I have been, rather than my going to the places they think of.


New York City has everything from The Empire State Building to the Brooklyn Bridge, including the Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Park Avenue, Greenwich Village, etc., etc.


Kennedy Space Center.


Chicago Museum of Science and Industry


Hunting Morrell Mushrooms from Harrison, Michigan


(much more, but not so interesting... :ninja: )

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