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  1. aye, the odd color, thickness, and smudginess (lack of fine detail) is a dead giveaway. here's a genuine texan for comparison: (more texas notes here) compared to those, the replicas look like crude photocopies...complete with photocopied tears & holes. here's a few examples of the same exact replica, with obvious attempts to "age" the note: fhere's a full listing of known replicas: http://www.crutchwilliams.com/BogusCSA_RoTx.html#REPUBLIC
  2. I haven't been able to post as often as I used to, but I wanted to thank David for all the work he put into coordinating/setting everything up. Also, as some of you may know, I've been away for the last year and a half. I was unable to provide my own snorter, so David donated one of his own on my behalf. On top of several beers, (also due to his generosity), I don't know how else to thank him. Three cheers for Scottishmoney!
  3. nope, he didn't send me any iberian girls i'll have these all signed and on their way shortly!
  4. lol...i remember posting about it, but i don't know what happened to the post! there's a lot of software out there available to manufacturers of scanners and imaging programs that can detect whenever somebody tries to scan images of banknotes. one of the earliest methods of detection was through the use of the "eurion constellation", a pattern of 5 small circles that software can easily recognize. since 1996, color photocopiers looked for that pattern and prevent copies from being being made. eurion constellation samples eurion constellation on wikipedia nowadays, software has
  5. i knew it was called the "maiden tower" only because the standard catalog said so. now i know more. thanks for the write up!
  6. okay, but in my example i used romania. romania revalued their currency because of their acceptance into the european union, and their gdp is set to double by 2011. if i walked into any bank and cashed in my old romanian money, i'd walk out with about the same amount as i put in. how does a vietnamese dong revaluation or an improved outlook on trade and economics make buying bundles of dong an investment, if romania is a prime example of why it's not? the only place on the planet you can go to convert iraqi dinars into something other than iraqi dinars is in a bank...in iraq. there's a f
  7. i've always been a bit skeptical when it comes to "investing" in money bundles. i've seen hundred of those ads for years on e-bay now, (iraq dinars/vietnamese dong), and so far i haven't heard of any of the investors making any money. (the dealers are making a killing though!) if i had a large bundle of these a few years ago: i wouldn't have made any money at all once these came out: so my question is...even if the vietnamese dong is revalued, how do i make any profit?
  8. i'm all for currency albums...but you might wanna be careful if you plan on using these over the long-term. dansco is one of the big names in numismatic supplies, so i have no idea why they would choose to make their currency pages out of vinyl, (or poly-vinyl chloride...PVC)
  9. one more thing....i'm aware i scanned the lebanese notes backwards. i'm just too lazy to rescan it!
  10. off the top of my head, i can only think of lebanon & the netherlands...unless you count disneyland. it's not a common feature, but i think it's pretty nifty.
  11. quick way to tell is the smell test. vinyl pages have a strong 'plasticky' smell, while the safe materials don't. i've never known a dealer to store their notes in unsafe holders, but if in doubt...
  12. heheh, i posted without ever seeing this reply. here's a link to tiffibunny's banknotebank. http://banknotebank.com/user_view.aspx?id=Tiffibunny i like the way her camera catches the holograms vs. our scanner pics. i almost forgot about the guineas! i don't have any of those... gotta love this aspect of coinpeople's paperpeople. the majority of us have our own private issues.
  13. when i ordered berkshares, the berkshire chamber of commerce responded to my e-mail the very same day. they charged me face value + $6.00 shipping and handling. $6.00 over face wasn't so bad, considering they also took the time to look for crispy new notes & sent them in a protective mailer.
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