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Some BWA and Southern Rhodesia now posted

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Over the last few weeks I was able to scan and post some of my British West Africa and Southern Rodesia coins at OMNICOIN. Just follow the link http://www.omnicoin.com/user_view.aspx?id=sandy3075 and sort by country. Also include the very first installment of my Jersey collection - early 1/26'th of a shilling (the rest to follow) and some of the Palestine and Israeli coins.


Oh, and the top 6 BWA coins are the ones I got in the mail yesterday. A great birthday present I'd say, most in mint or near mint condition. 1913H 2 shillings, 1914H shilling, 1914H 6 pence, 1914H 3 pence, 1913H 1/10 penny and a bit dirty and corroded but still shiny 1907 1/10 penny.

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the shillings are nice looking coins,

i'll show some of mine then

my BWA collection is made up of 2 coins.


1936 H Edward VIII AUNC


1947 KN penny



1957 halfpenny


1939 6D... EF grade, toned and rather scarse (200k mintage?)


1962 3D

yeah thats my lot

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Here's a 1936 British West Africa Penny in aUnc - smal wear on the high point of the crown


1936 Penny






Lustre doesn't show up on the scan

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Here's a 1940 British West Africa Penny in Unc


1940 Penny






Lustre shows up a bit better on this scan

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Here's a 1947 KN British West Africa Penny in Unc


1947 Penny





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Here's a 1936 British West Africa Penny in aUnc - smal wear on the high point of the crown

It may not be wear on the coin but worn off dies or not enough pressure applied to the them on this 1936 H penny resulting in flat crown appearance. Typically one would see complementary wear also on the bands (please help me with the term :ninja: ) that surround the center hole on obverse, but it can only be seen at close inspection if there is any or not and if the flat appearance of the crown is from wear or weakened strike. Generally though the crown is a very good indication of the coins preservation status together with the observation of the bars making up a star on reverse, in part because they overlap each other creating raised surfaces. Yours does have a pretty deep cut :-( but not muh wear can be seen.


Thanks for sharing ;). 1947KN and 1940 specimen are terrific.

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Nice addition to collection - 1918 Heaton florin, I would say almost uncirculated




and in the same lot I got about uncirculated 1949-H 2 shillings




and a more common but nice and lustrous 1938-KN 2 shillings



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Well, we all have our experience and our opinion, but for the BWA copper nickel this is not a something I see much and I have seen quite a few of them. Also there was no British imperial copper nickel coinage of that time, it did not start until 30 years later.


Here is another BWA this time 1952 King's Norton mint nickel brass 2 shillings. Last year, lowest mintage. Nice despite imperfections. I initially confused it with toned silver (scans are pretty clear it is not) and it still can be if you look at it under certain angle so bright is the reflection.



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