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  1. This is a brockage of an Indian Die Australian Penny - either 1942I or 1943I - the I is visible below the portrait
  2. Australian Penny Brockage - Elizabeth II 1953 - 1964
  3. Roman Brockage Amelius Lepidus 114 BC
  4. That is a fabulous example of the 6 shilling 1804
  5. Just some info on the Silver Bank of Ireland tokens In 1804 the bank of Ireland had quantities of Spanish and Spanish-American8 Reales or "dollars" restruck as Six Shilling Bank Tokens (the bank of England had similar coins struck into Five Shilling tokens as silver coinage was still at a premium in Ireland). Virtually no silver coinage had been struck at London in the period 1758 to 1804 except for the issue of sixpences and shillings in 1787 and the "Northumberland" shillings of 1763 when the Earl of Northumberland took over as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and distributed a 100 pounds wort
  6. Plus here's a couple of scans of a Gun Money half crown
  7. 1813 One Shilling and 6 pence (18 pence) Bank of Ireland Bank token
  8. 1805 Bank of Ireland 10 Pence bank Token - Variety - Leaf between the D and E of DEI on Obverse
  9. I couldn't find a Topic for these tokens used in the 19th Century so have started one here 1805 Bank of Ireland 10 Pence bank Token - this is a recent acquisition and is in beautiful condition. It was graded as EF and was part of the R. Climpson collection
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