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  1. Well Karl Johans gate is the main street of the city of Oslo and that is were the wine bar is situated according to the address LOL the front on the other hand is a reprint of a early german banknote
  2. Hope that you find something amongst them that you like Curaco 1944 1/10 Gulden Queen Wilhemlina Value Stuck Denver 1948 1/10 Gulden Queen Wilhemlina Value Jamaica 1945 1/4d Coat of arms King George VI Hong Kong 1949 10 Cents Value & date King George VI Palastine British mandate 1941 2 Mill Date Palastine in 3 languges Value & plant Phillipines United States Administration Commonwealth 1944 1 Centavo Native sat with volcano in background Coat of arms with American eagle above Stuck San Francisco Straits Settlement 1845 East India Compamy 1 Cent Value within Wreath Queen Victoria young head
  3. Few more bits up on Omni Argentina 1938 10 Centimos Value in wreath Liberty head 1941 10 Centimos Value in wreath Liberty head Brazil 1920 200 Reis Value & date Liberty head within ring of stars 1927 1000 Reis Value within wreath Kneeling lady liberty holding cornicopia 1939 1000 Reis Value & date Tobias Barreto de Mendez Columbia 1946 Small date 5 Centavos Value within wreath Liberty head P mm = Philadephia Cuba 1920 1 Centavo Coat of arms within a wreath Value within a 5 pointed star Ecuador 1893 1/2 Decimo Flag-draped arms Head of Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá Lima mm Guatamala 1934 5 Centavos No engravers Initials coat of arms,Quetzal above a parchment, crossed rifles & crossed swords with a laurel crown Short tailed Quetzal on plinth with value Nicaragua 1938 1 Centavo De Cordoba Value within wreath Coat of arms & date Peru 1942 1/2 Sol de Ore Value Coat of arms within a wreath Struck Philadephia Uraguay 1901A 5 Centesimos Sun burst & date Value within wreath A mm = Paris/Belin/Vienna Venezuala 1935 1/2 Bolivar Coat of arms Simon Bolivar Struck Philadephia 1954 50 Centimos Coat of arms Simon Bolivar Struck Philadephia
  4. I am torn some of them duch as the Belgian and the Netherlands show no insperation at all, then you look at the San Marino and they are lovely. I have a number of 2 euros to add shortly mainly the EMU which other than the Luxemberg issue I think stink LOL
  5. Been rather busy today getting as many of my common euros up on to omni Austria 2002 1c Genatian flower Map of the community & Value 2c Edelweiss (National flower) Map of the community & Value 5c Alpine primrose Map of the community & Value 10c Spires of St Stephens Cathedral, Vienna Map of the community & Value 20c Belvedere Palace Map of the community & Value 50c The secession building in Vienna (Art Nouveau Architecture) Map of the community & Value Belgium Mix of years but all have the same design 1c 2c 5c 10c 20c 50c King Albert II, 12 stars & Royal monogram Map of the community & Value Luxembourg 2 Euros Grand Duke Henri & Grand Duchess Charlotte Map of the community & Value 2 Euros Economic & Monetary Union, 1999-2009 Stick figure and Euro symbol two latent image of the Grand Duke's portrait were added (as required by national law). The method used (multi-view-minting) Map of the community & Value Netherlands All the same date and again all the same design 2006 1c 2c 5c 10c 20c 50c Queen Beatrix surrounded by stars & dots Map of the community & Value San Marino 2006 1c Il Montale (the 3rd tower) 13th Century Map of the community & Value 2c Stefano Galletti's Statue the Liberty fighter Map of the community & Value 5c Guaita (1st tower) 10th/11th Century Map of the community & Value 2007 10c Basilica of St Marino 19th Century Map of the community & Value 2005 20c Portrait of St Marinus from a 17th century painting by Van Guercino Map of the community & Value 2006 50c Guaita, Cesta, Montale (3 Towers) Fortress of San Marino Map of the community & Value 2007 2 Euro 19th century goverment building, Domus Comunis (Palazzo Publico) Map of the community & Value
  6. You realy have done a good job on that and a great bit of history to go with it
  7. Have made a small start with adding my Medal collection to Omni so here are a few 1897 Queen Victoria's 60th Year of her reign 1837-1897 With ribbon March 10th 1863 Marriage of Albert Edward Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark 1924 British Empire Exhibition Wembley Dockyard scene Helmeted head representing 'Commerce & Industry' 1906 Joseph Chamberlin (Father of Nevil) 70th birthday and 30th year of public service as a Member of Parliment for Birmingham
  8. I love these old Indian coins here is one of my Sungas Sunga Empire 187-75 BC Cast copper 1/2 Karshapana Cross & horse Cross & crown
  9. De Orc

    Help me

    Told you on another forum that the three lates issues will not be in any catalouge and the best place to find a price for them is on ebay or using a currency converter (As they are new notes)
  10. Will look forwards to viewing them, I have just made a start putting my medals up on Omni as well
  11. The hole is there so that the tally could be placed on a hook
  12. LOL I did wonder why you were buying rolls from Germany (must learn to read ) Just bought myself the P/D for Guam and Puerto Rico on ebay
  13. Hi SP welcome to the forum from another Brit
  14. Have to agree with SM, I have only ever seen them advertised by country and date with the odd ebay listing as Pirate LOL Good luck with the collection though
  15. Art I have to say the difference between a Proof coin and a Medal is if you realy wanted to you could spend or exchange (At a bank/mint) the proof coin (as long as it is legal tender) But you might have some difficulty spending a medal. I love proofs as well and I specialy like my small collection of Roosies and Lincons but I woudnt ever call them medals LOL
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