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  1. My fresh-out-of-the-package Mylar holders have this same color to them. They don't feel "oily" though, to me it just looks like an effect from lighting.
  2. It's a beautiful note. They go for around $25 in UNC, though you don't mention the condition of yours. I have all the varieties save one, here. Dave
  3. Very nice designs! So good that I can imagine someone years from now looking for the actual notes for his collection, based on seeing these depictions
  4. 1949 - French Indochina
  5. 1950 - French West Africa
  6. I used to collect France and Colonies stamps, but don't anymore. Here's a nice colored proof:
  7. 1956 - South Vietnam
  8. 1958, a classic from France
  9. 1959 - West African States
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