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  1. No, not being published any more. From what I can tell, looks like 100 magazines were published as a fortnightly series starting around 15 years ago. Very well suited to kids, but as there seems to be little published numismatic information around that covers basic worldwide collecting, also well-suited to new-to-the-hobby grown-ups as well!
  2. Couple of scans attached from Issue 1. Let me know if you want any more info.
  3. Thanks Dave M for your reply. I have since looked at various other sheets (including Lighthouse Grande (PET?!) and 100% polypropylene pages) and seen the effect there too. It is probably (hopefully!) nothing of concern particularly if you can also see it on Mylar holders. I'm still searching for archival quality album pages (not holders) so if anyone out there has recommendations, please post! I would have gone with Lindner for my expensive notes, but reference on their website that pages are made out of "hard PVC" makes me a little wary. The obvious solution is to use Mylar hold
  4. Hi I recently acquired a second hand banknote album. When examining the pages against the light to see if I wanted to reuse them for UNC banknotes, I noticed what seemed to be a faint "oily film" on the plastic - I'm assuming it is "oily" as it reminds me of oil on water. I have attached a photo but not sure how clear it is as I have had to shrink it to upload. Out of interest, I also examined my expensive Lindner pages against the light - and the "oily film" appears on there too. I have also done this with other album pages (including new versions of the 2nd hand ones I bought) a
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