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  1. I like any design apart from the current one. You guys see before the Dollar Redesign Project (https://dollarredesign.wordpress.com/), they did a contest of designs for Dollars some years before.
  2. Hello everyone, I return for a bit. I got recently these notes: 5 Francs French West Africa, 1953 1000 Dinara Serbia, 1942 5000 Francs West Africa, 1970s
  3. Maybe, first day issue I think?
  4. I only have the one with the maple leaf design, the first one I think. And now they have a $50 for $50 and $100 for $100 sets.
  5. I got those and a russian 1909 note for a massive amount of $12. And in the junk coin bin I got a very nice Ireland pound from 1998, Australia $2 coin from 2008 and prrof 2 cent and 20 cent 1988 for free!
  6. I got these recently, but I don't think that they're worth a lot though: 5 Rubles 1909 Denga 1738
  7. 1000 Francs 1956 100 Francs Belgium 1958 20 francs 1942 100 Francs 1954 10 dinars 1965, Algeria 50 Francs Racine, 1973 20 Francs 1941
  8. I can't find it but I also have a coin of 1 cent (Canada) that is black, scratched, holes, has squared edges, totally mutillated.
  9. It's a series that they started in 2011. 4 different design coins are made ever year, and the mintage is 200,000 coins. They are 99.99% pure silver and the weigth is 7,96 grams (~ 1/4 oz).
  10. You can take a look at the standard catalog of coins, that one will have the values and varieties of coins. Or on ebay, to see what similar coins sell for.
  11. And this Irish penny. The design of the hen is ugly, but my specific coin is more uglier.
  12. Margrethe II. This is one of the terriblest portraits, her head is like a rhombus!
  13. Ok, I don't have notes until 1838 and then 1794.
  14. I don't know what to put for this, because I have 2 very favorites. This is a beautiful proof $20 coin of Canada. The picture isn't good but the coin is beautifully made. This is a Danish 1 Skilling coin of 1771, it's a newer one in my collection but also very simple and beautiful. So I would like to get suggestions from you, like a vote to decide which one I should put.
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