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  1. last post 2008? still no more poosts... um, im I missing something? D:
  2. Name: 1942 Nickel Face Value: $0.05 Year: 1942 Real Value: $1.80 (If its an VG-8 or F-12 (VG: Very Good, F: Fine)) Country: USA State: Texas Story: I was at my Aunt's house and before my Uncle died, he left the family his "Special" Coins that had a touching background story. I received this one and will never selll it.
  3. I was looking through my "Easter Savings" Jar and I foound this 1979 D 'Moon Landing' $1 Coin. Should I keep it or use it? Front Back
  4. Finally have time to finish my "solder" coins!

  5. Lost my half dollar but gained more mercury dimes and 3 newly minted 2013 Mnt. Rushmore quarters.
  6. Yes it is! I'm still at the mold process. Ill have photos tomorrow. Im not! Thanks for your intrest. I am giving away 5 of them!
  7. Well, this morning I tried to create a new way to make coins and i did it for under 20 buck i present to you.... Solder coins! I put wraped solder on a spoon, made a mold out of sculpie clay, backed it. Took the spoon and melted the solder with a lighter then poured it in the mold. Then it came out real nice. PROS: Simple Cheap Easy CONS: Low melting point Not scratch resistant Probably will ware easily New coins found! I found some newly minted 2014 "america the beautiful" coins, also some newly minted 2011 and 2013 ones, 20-30 bucks in silver coins and a new coin value ha
  8. Amazing responses! Just found my first batch of silver coins, one was a huge 1964 half dollar. I'm gonna submit them in the morning, with pictures this time!
  9. Wow, that's cool! I'm supprized a dime can be worth that much. I have a few old Dutch coins.....
  10. Today on amazon I found a Bitcoin commemorative coin for 5 bucks, should I get it? It has no value, unless sold, and it has one review.
  11. Wow, um I'll probably have to save up for a few more months. I would store the machine or make more coins.
  12. http://omnicoin.com/collection/AnotherFox Indiana State Quarter 25c 2002 25c USA Indiana This coin is special because I found it in 2007 after my father had past away. He gave it to me the night before he died. I will always keep this coin.
  13. Pic your favorite coin of all and show it off. I will have a visual example below but until then use the following one: PICTURE Name of coin Face value Year Real value Country *State Where you got it. Why ifs special. *optional
  14. I said other in the poll because I go to banks and ask them for specific coins. I love seeing them hesitate before they walk off to go search the vault.
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