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  1. last post 2008? still no more poosts... um, im I missing something? D:
  2. Name: 1942 Nickel Face Value: $0.05 Year: 1942 Real Value: $1.80 (If its an VG-8 or F-12 (VG: Very Good, F: Fine)) Country: USA State: Texas Story: I was at my Aunt's house and before my Uncle died, he left the family his "Special" Coins that had a touching background story. I received this one and will never selll it.
  3. I was looking through my "Easter Savings" Jar and I foound this 1979 D 'Moon Landing' $1 Coin. Should I keep it or use it? Front Back
  4. Finally have time to finish my "solder" coins!

  5. Lost my half dollar but gained more mercury dimes and 3 newly minted 2013 Mnt. Rushmore quarters.
  6. Yes it is! I'm still at the mold process. Ill have photos tomorrow. Im not! Thanks for your intrest. I am giving away 5 of them!
  7. Well, this morning I tried to create a new way to make coins and i did it for under 20 buck i present to you.... Solder coins! I put wraped solder on a spoon, made a mold out of sculpie clay, backed it. Took the spoon and melted the solder with a lighter then poured it in the mold. Then it came out real nice. PROS: Simple Cheap Easy CONS: Low melting point Not scratch resistant Probably will ware easily New coins found! I found some newly minted 2014 "america the beautiful" coins, also some newly minted 2011 and 2013 ones, 20-30 bucks in silver coins and a new coin value ha
  8. Amazing responses! Just found my first batch of silver coins, one was a huge 1964 half dollar. I'm gonna submit them in the morning, with pictures this time!
  9. Wow, that's cool! I'm supprized a dime can be worth that much. I have a few old Dutch coins.....
  10. Today on amazon I found a Bitcoin commemorative coin for 5 bucks, should I get it? It has no value, unless sold, and it has one review.
  11. Wow, um I'll probably have to save up for a few more months. I would store the machine or make more coins.
  12. http://omnicoin.com/collection/AnotherFox Indiana State Quarter 25c 2002 25c USA Indiana This coin is special because I found it in 2007 after my father had past away. He gave it to me the night before he died. I will always keep this coin.
  13. Pic your favorite coin of all and show it off. I will have a visual example below but until then use the following one: PICTURE Name of coin Face value Year Real value Country *State Where you got it. Why ifs special. *optional
  14. I said other in the poll because I go to banks and ask them for specific coins. I love seeing them hesitate before they walk off to go search the vault.
  15. Oh my god! Out side a bank I found a 1505. If I can find it I'll post a picture....... It's been two months since I've seen it.
  16. :/ Still fixing omnibank

  17. Oh, :/ Ok. No, It does not i've put aside $300 for die production.
  18. These coins will either be used as tokens or private collection or maybe even to sell.wProbably gonna sell most of them and then keep the rest.
  19. Just registered and I'm really likening this community! :D

  20. How can I make a small batch of around 50-150 copper coins that are around .5 inches in diameter? I'm planning on using any extra copper if have and I'm on a budget of around $100 and I'm trying to have at least 10$ remaining. Help? I have a design, copper, but that's it.
  21. I don't think that's a good idea. A car out of plastic....... If the engine heats up slightly it would melt. Unless it's ABS plastic which can withstand a tiny amount of heat.
  22. Yes, yes, the flags in the middle remind me of Spain. Maybe a Latin or Spanish coin? It looks like a low melting point material so it must eitherbe an early coin or a custom coin made with a off-centered die. Hope I was of help.
  23. All I could recognize was "Arch:Av" and it sorta looks like either a custom coin or a very old coin. For some reason it's design reminds me of a Spain, idk why.
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