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Found 3 results

  1. We haven't held a Popular Coin Idol/Ugly Coin Competition in ages. As long as we're all puttering around our respective domiciles, why the heck not? Thoughts? I'm willing to run the UCC again, but I would really love to see a PCI happen first. I mean, I'm sure some of us have gotten some fantastic shinies (and poor, poor victims) since the last go-around...
  2. Nominations are going to open midnight (or thereabouts) 20 April 2014 and will close ten days later at 11:59PM 30 April 2014. As I'm a great fan of the KISS principle, the divisions are going to be more related to the type of ugliness than the type or content of the coin. So what we have are two categories with two subcategories each and two eras. The dividing line between "old" and "modern" eras is 1970: "Old" entrants are anything 1970 and before "Modern" entrants will be anything 1971 and after. The two categories are Ugly by Nature and Ugly by Design, with their sub-categories defined as follows: A. Ugly By Nature Aging Like Mayonnaise, Not Wine - Coins that simply haven't aged well at all but are still identifiable as a coin, or are unusually but naturally worn at a relatively young age Victims of Circumstance - Coins that have suffered the ravages of nature, having been corroded or left in the street and run over a few times or partially digested... or all three. Granted, the difference between the two can be subjective -- basically, it's the difference between simply worn out, and being beaten within an inch of its life. B. Ugly by Design I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Engraved That Way - Surely the most subjective of all categories, these are coins that are otherwise perfectly normal coins, but are aesthetically challenged. You Poor Poor Thing - This is for coins that have been the deliberate victim of experimentation or alteration -- holed coins, elongated coins, coins that have been squashed on a railroad track, or sacrifices to mad science. The difference between these is pretty clear -- coins that look exactly the way they were designed to look (more's the pity), and coins that have been deliberately altered in one way or another. Please feel free to (briefly!) make your case for your entries, especially for Section B.1. since that's the one that's the most subjective. Because of the limited number of categories, the maximum number of submissions will be five per category rather than the usual three. You can therefore have a maximum of 40 coins entered between all categories, headings and eras. Please use Omnicoin images. Entry threads will be set up for each of the eight categories. Once all the nominees are in, I will set up the brackets as quickly as I can so that we can get to the voting as soon as possible; if there are an odd number of entrants, one randomly chosen entry will get a bye to the next round. Entries that receive a bye in one round will not be eligible to receive another unless all other entrants have also previously had one. Voting will continue until each subcategory is down to two final entries, one in each era, which will then square off. The subcategory finalists will then face off, and then the final will be between the winners of Ugly by Nature and of Ugly by Design to determine 2014's champion Ugly Coin, at which point condolences will be offered to its owner.
  3. Would anyone be interested in an Ugly Coin Competition? There doesn't seem to have been one for a while, I haven't heard anyone mention a PCI 2014 yet, and so I've half talked myself into running one if there's interest. Talk me into the other half.
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