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  1. First day issue sounds good. I looked around in the net and mayby there is no specific english term for it. I only found gradings like MS-xx or GEM UNC concerning the condition of an UNC coin but not the way it was produced or handled. In Germany there is also the term "handgehoben" - that means that the coin was taken away from the dies by hand with gloves. This gives potentially a coin with MS-70. If you hit such a coin with a hammer, it is still "handgehoben" but no MS-70 anymore.
  2. Hello, I'd like to know the realistic value for a Canadian coin set from 1984. It is a special set with *first and best coins struck from a pair of dies". By the way, can someone tell me please the english term for such coins - in Germany it's called "Erstabschlag" but could not find a translation yet. Thanks Toni
  3. Hello, I got 2 billon coins 0,8g probably German State and one completely no idea... fake? Thank you for your suggestions Toni
  4. Can you help me please with this coin? diameter: 25mm weight: 5.1g It came with a lot of spanish coins.
  5. Can someone tell me more about this copper coins from India? Thanks Toni
  6. Thanks a lot, I knew it had to be a 20 Para from Turkey, but didn't consider it could be a token.
  7. Dear collectors, got this coin: 1.7 g, 19 mm Thanks Toni
  8. OK Thank you for your opinion. This corresponds with my assumption.
  9. Good day everybody, Has anybody an idea? weight 17.3g diameter 30mm not magnetic Thanks Toni
  10. ...or manipulated later? What do you think? It's an 1 Euro Cent coin. Thanks Tony
  11. It is a little off center and has a "step" beside the rim. I'm quite sure that it is no silver.
  12. Hello, I got this coin? weight 2.2g diameter 18mm edge reeded looks like silver coin Argentina 10 c 1883 km#26, but it's definitively no silver - seems to be copper or brass. Could it be a fake, specimen or what? Thanks for your opinions Tony
  13. Yes, thats the coin, thanks! The year is (15)70
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