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Just to say G'day.

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Found this Forum from a link in another Forum. Glad I got curious.

Hi to all of you, I'll sit back for a while till I feel comfortable, then I'll probably make a nuisance of myself.

I have already seen a few name I recognise, looks like being fun. :ninja:


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Welcome to CP. We are all friendly, for now :ninja:

Make yourself at home and feel free to contribute to any topics!

What do you collect?


All the best,


Clive - English Hammered Nut

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Hi all! Thanks for the warm welcome.

Still too new be become a nuisance yet, I don't want to seem hasty.


My collecting is mostly Australian decimals, all date sets.

An Australian type set starting 1910 and a few silver commemoratives.

Some odds and ends from places that I've worked. PNG, Fiji and NZ.

I spent ten years in PNG (1970s) and am still kicking myself that I was not collecting coins at the time.

So many missed opportunities.


Again thanks for the welcome, I'll keep in touch.


regards, Muckeye :ninja:

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Good to see you in here Bob

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