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Guess what's going to come

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Yes, I bought a coin so that it looks great for PCI. For those who don't know what PCI is, PCI is popular coin idol, just like popular idol but except only coins (and banknotes) are involved. And it's going to occur soon so people, you should get prepared fast! :wub:


You are to guess what coin I am going to have. P.S. it's not yet in my omnicoin collection so don't bother to check there! I gave a brief check of what's in omnicoin but looks like no one else has an example of it yet unless it's placed somewhere else. Yes, this means that if your guess is in omnicoin, then it's not right!


Here are the available options that you can guess in:


Country, Denomination, year


i.e. Russia, 1 ruble, 1999 or Australia, 1 dollar, 2007 or similar. (vague isn't it? ;))


There are three seperate entries, so you might be able to win one out of three or all three! ;) Likely gifts will be Aussie coins and others but we'll see. Please edit as many times as you wish!!!




It is a MODERN coin, not some ancient coin with no year. And yes, it will strike some people ;)


One year type


Somewhat related to this:




8th Aug: If you guessed US or Russian coins, sorry but you are wrong :D


11th Aug: It is related to a season. By season, I mean, it's either, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.


13th Aug: It has two years on it. To make your life easier in searching the coin that I bought, it's in between 1800-2000.


15th Aug: Rather famous art that was also commemorated on stamp. In fact, the coin was based upon an art piece. (hint not big enough? ;) )


It is a circular coin, minted in both proof and uncirculated. Appearently the sales of this coin was so slow that the bank sent some back into the metal recycling pot! :ninja:


Weighs more than 1/2 ounce but less than an ounce. (more than 15.55g, less than 31.1g)


16th Aug: Coin is minted BEFORE 2000 and is from either Europe or Asia. To make your life easier, the country's name begin with A-M (first 13 letters of the alphabets)


If you haven't figure out what metal it is, it's silver. Not rich enough to buy gold lol.


Major hint: Check out Tiff's collection at omnicoin - it's under one of her favourites. It pays to know her well :D


17th Aug: Stop looking at Western Europe! Look elsewhere!

By the way, I didn't post the Jesus medal for no reason you know. Keyword: Christianity - what festival, season etc is usually associated with it?


The only people featured on the coin are just children. No adults.





Oh dear, I hope Anton will not hate me for the amount of traffic I'm driving people to omnicoin.


- Looks like I'll have to push the prize to have at least one silver coin since it's so difficult :D


(Don't you want someone to build a database that fits all these data? hehehe)



I'll close it roughly on the 20th when I have it then. I still don't have it yet. Update: Still don't have it :D


Good luck! (I do want someone to win you know)

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well i say its silver ;) an if its from russia its :-


1988 Korea "Seoul" Olympic Games 5,000 Won coin (didnt c it in omni coin ;) )


edit:- ok :D i was gonna pick it anyway :ninja: eeheheheh since u like russian coins ;)


EDITED ON 07/08/2007 ;)


EDITED ON 08/08/2007 :D

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Er roaddevil I got to mention that it's not necessarily from Russia or Australia - it's worldwide.


And it's only ONE coin. :ninja: Feel free to edit as many times as you wish.


The three different entries is for the three possible guess that you have, that is country, denomination and year. And yes, for denomination, I'm just looking for digits in denominations.


And please, just one guess. I'll just accept the top entry.

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Oh boy, are others expecting more hints on this? ;) Looks like I'll have to push the prizes up somehow.


I'll give a bit more hints so hopefully there are better guesses. First hint: check omnicoin. If what you are thinking is in omnicoin, then it's too likely to be wrong!!! :ninja: I don't see any examples of it yet!


Second hint: One year type!


Third hint: Somewhat related to this:




And yes, it's a coin that you can find in Krause, not a token. ;)


Good luck!

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Topher, was that ever a coin? :ninja: It's a huge 5oz silver coin but not a 5 ruble coin.


I must stress something again guys, if it's in omnicoin, then it's not right! ;)


Looks like I set up a cruel question to begin with ;)


Rats! I couldn't find that one on omnicoin! Look for me to update my selection then. (Wouldn't you prefer to have a big 5 oz coin? LOL)

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New hint - please use it to edit your answers :ninja:



I guess I'm suffering from post-pruning density syndrome. What hint?

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