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  1. Sometimes I do like to buy alot os coins for $100 instead of 1. But I do spend $100 for one coin sometimes. I just purchased $400 dollars in coins. I got about 16 coins. Some were $75( 1827 bust half) $45 for a 1837 bust half. I got a 1853 half and a 1853 quarter with the rays. I got some bust dimes and half dimes. Seated half $ and seated dimes and half dimes. I thgink I came out very good. I didnt have a Bust half dollar or a Seated half dollar.
  2. There are some very greedy women and men ou there. Everyone should be careful!!!!
  3. There are some very greedy women and men ou there. Everyone should be careful!!!!
  4. That would suck!!! I hope nothing happens when she is cleaning her gun.
  5. I will think about them. But I may need to get some with my problem one day
  6. I dont need them either. But Im an addict. I cant help mysef sometimes.
  7. Silver jumped to $80 an Ounce in Dec. 1979. That must have been a great year for some people. I think it went from $15 to $80 in a year.
  8. Hmmm. I will think about them.
  9. I think silver is going to make a big jump one day. Copper was 1.35 a pound 2 years ago. 1 year and 6 months ago it jumped to 3.75. I dont know what it is now. I would guess 2.95. I sold 214 puonds of copper when it was $3.50 a pound.
  10. I think he was selling the 1998's for $20 something on ebay
  11. My friend has found 28 of them(1998) . He has found 5 1999 wide am. 45 2000 wide am. Hope that helps you.
  12. Payment Sent. Thank You. Let me know when it ships.
  13. Is there 2 1936's??? If there is the total is $19 or if there is only 1 then the total is $14. I want I them.
  14. I will pay by paypal. Where do I send the $'s?
  15. Coin Values and the Coin World I didnt receive 2 weeks ago.
  16. This three cent piece would be my favorite if I had it. Luv it!!!
  17. I think you can still buy them from the Mint. $14.95 I need to buy a couple. And get some full mint sets
  18. I have some that you cant see with the naked eye. But under 5x its clear as day. The 1955 is so spread out that it easy to see.
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