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  1. Tin, so bad a coin alloy but that's half the charm.
  2. I probably did wake up just before my dream death. Although having said that the other thing they say is that if you have a falling dream you always wake up before you hit the bottom. I hit the bottom alot, it's kinda painful. Then i wake up.
  3. I still don't know! You know there was alot of weird coinage issued in the Anarchy period. The question i have never actually asked is what was being issued in Normandy & Boulogne during the 1140s? What of 12th century forgeries of the irregular issues of the Anarchy period. I wonder if the answer to this riddle may lie there? The obverse does indeed appear to emulate a Norman design/Plantagenet design. So i think it'd be safe to narrow it down to the 12th/13th centuries. The reverse is strange though. Ever thought about contacting the Fitzwilliam Museum on this one? I'
  4. Well i got two off hand, one's a dream the other was more a nightmare. Firstly talking of Scrooge. It so happened i had one where i was sat in a Victorian counting house with a big oak table in front of me piled high with Vicky shield reverse sovereigns. As you can imagine i was in heaven. Bearing in mind that in the dream i already had an extensive shield reverse sovereign collection (naturally), i only needed a handful of dates for a complete set, one of which being 1858... and could i find an 1858 anywhere in the pile? Noooo! (I did take alot of the others though, well beggers can't
  5. How sily of me how could i have forgotten the deified William Shatner, a legend amongst men? According to uncyclopedia he's a controlled substance in some states because he's too good looking, thus perhaps putting his image on coins will cause a monetary crisis?
  6. "In my day there was no such thing as Teenagers..." (Someone was bound to say that, i just figured i'd beat them to it!) I think the mint should go the whole hog and have coins of TV characters; The Waltons, The Simpsons, The Munsters (Butch Patrick gets covered twice, once by this and once by the forgotten child stars), The A-Team, and Weird Al might as well get one whilst we're at it.
  7. Stu you don't like Washington Quarters!
  8. Depends on the tone really. If it looks 'subtle' and 'natural' (i use '' there because of course a subtle AT would get the same response) generally it goes down well. Although in some European countries cleaned coins are the order of the day. A dealer friend of mine in Germany has commented many times that alot of the material offered in Germany is cleaned. I dunno if there's any taboo on it there, Christian would be in a better place to comment on that. With regards to places like the UK though, subtle toning is well recieved. Rainbow and more colourful and extreme forms of toning general
  9. Ah the medieval sourcebook, i've used that before now! There's also an ancient one too.
  10. 'Rare US coins' would be fine... but 'World'. I think i'll buy em an atlas for Christmas.
  11. Nah it's not your fault it's the website i was critical of.
  12. Nothing medieval? Boring... St Gaudens are so over-rated, they're not even that pretty. Certainly not a Gothic Crown.
  13. You hit the nail on the head there Ed, exactly my point. The "don't clean brigade" is a relatively new fad (one i was brought up with). But in the 1940s/50s cleaning was (so i'm led to believe) very common. I can only presume it was accepted as standard practice until the 1960s/1970s or so (depending where you are) when someone came up with the idea not to clean.
  14. Well thank you ladies and Gents for entering notes in this competition and thanks to all of you that have voted. I hope you all enjoyed it. Anyway due to other commitments i will be unable to run any further Pop Note Competitions. With regards to the next Popular Coin Idol (PCI7) this will be held from next March onwards. I might not be around much from Christmas until then, if at all. Anyhow if anyone wants to take over PNC please feel free to step forward at this juncture!
  15. I'm beginning to think it's a pity we don't all clean our coins actually, i meant think of how great it would be if cleaning just wasn't an issue. If 98% of coins on offer were cleaned and everyone collected cleaned coins it'd be pretty great actually. But i collect cleaned coins anyhow so i have my bias.
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