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  1. I've never had problems with them opening, but I'm glad yours seems to be diminishing. I like the fact that you can add pages easily, as I have had to do with my Canadian cents and nickels. I used to live not too far from them, but alas, I've moved closer to Toronto and have to aim for the free shipping. That reminds me, I need some new albums. (Loonies and Toonies.)
  2. The coin arrived Friday (had to pick it up from the CanadaPost office yesterday, though.) It's even better looking in hand. Thanks again!
  3. If you order over $50 (I think), then you get free shipping to the US. Order direct: www.collectorssupplyhouse.com
  4. Thanks to Hussulo for the contest. I like contests like this. It's at my skill level. LOL Let's just make sure we use his site, and spread the word among our trusted collector friends. It would be great to see it stay around for a long while as a safe and trusted place to buy and sell coins. PM sent.
  5. Big task you've set for yourself, but with enough support from forum members, I think you can enjoy a little success someday. I've already bookmarked it. I'd also like to echo the concerns of thedeadpoint. It only takes on bad egg to ruin it for everyone else. If you can do it (and do it right), then you will certainly have support from legit buyers and sellers.
  6. I used Gardmasters exclusively. If your order is big enough, they also give you free shipping, so I've taken advantage of that twice so far. Order direct: www.collectorssupplyhouse.com
  7. Rats!!!! And this was a contest up to my skill level!!! Congrats to the winners. Matt, definitely keep me in mind. I'm not ashamed to admit how much of a Survivor junkie I am. Until they let American expats on the show, I'll have to resort to just watching it.
  8. When you say no looking at Omnicoin, you realize that's the first place people will look? I'm going to guess that was a trick and say 5.
  9. Forum looks much better this morning! Thanks!
  10. I haven't been as active here lately due to the spam that's been coming in. I wish that wasn't the case, but it has impacted how often I visit.
  11. Mods need to lock up the membership for a while. Once they realize that they can't spam here, they'll move along and we can open the membership again.
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