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  1. Yep, for the third go-round. I filled two previous ones and sold 'em.
  2. I paid $450, which I think was just a bit high. The most expensive one was that 1811 ...
  3. 1794 US Liberty Cap Large Cent S-70 variety 1891 US Indian Head Small Cent - nice reverse die clash 1853 US Seated Liberty Quarter - arrows and rays 1831 US Capped Bust Dime 1811 US Classic Head Large Cent, S-287 Variety
  4. Wonderful collection, Clive I love hammereds, but, alas, can't afford 'em too often. All I have are an Æthelred II sceat, and a common Henry III silver penny. Nothing special.
  5. I knew I had one of those around here ...
  6. That thing is just beautiful, Halfdollar !!! What did it grade, if you don't mind telling us?
  7. If it's not too much trouble, I would love to see examples (pics) of your Excel spreadsheet categories, and how you have them laid out on the page. I'm moving to Excel from a really crappy collection management software, and I really need some examples to go by. Thanks, folks !!!
  8. I get a "runtime" error every time I try to get onto BanknoteBank.com. Is the site having a problem of some kind? Thanks!
  9. There are three coin shops in town that I am aware of, and another one or two in nearby areas that I haven't visited. The major dealer in town is located a few miles from my home, and he has the best selection/inventory, so when I buy from a coin shop, I buy from him. His inventory far exceeds the other two local shops combined, and, in addition, probably that of the other one or two nearby. He's extremely knowledgeable and sells for fair prices. (Wow. That was my twenty-two-hundred-and-twenty-twooth post !!!)
  10. That's a great shot! I love the background idea. I might try something similar ...
  11. Tough question, especially since each collector has their own opinions, and I've seen beautifully toned examples of practically every US and British series.
  12. Toned, baby !!! (as if you couldn't tell by my avatar and sigline )
  13. Please message me if you have one of these catalogs you'd like to sell. Thanks
  14. I was considering buying a nice gun safe. I could store all of my good coins in one big ol' box. But for the cost of the safe, I could buy about two century's worth of safe deposit box fees, so ...
  15. Connecticut for me. To my eyes, it's the most beautiful design of them all.
  16. My fave is Connecticut - awesome detail! And I dislike most of the rest of 'em.
  17. Couldn't have said it better myself ... and I like all of 'em !!! Guess my eyes are too old, but I don't see scratches on the George III piece. I see what looks like a die break at the bottom of its reverse.
  18. You guys are a bunch of smartasses, you know that? ;) ... but I love ya'
  19. 1923 U.S. $1 Silver Certificate, Large size note. http://banknotebank.com/notes/904084A.jpg 1899 U.S. $1 Silver Certificate, Eagle type, VF. http://banknotebank.com/notes/908958A.jpg 1928 U.S. $1 Silver Certificate, Red Seal, Unc. http://banknotebank.com/notes/908959A.jpg (You sure you don't want the reverse urls ???)
  20. Australia 1 Dollar (1983) (Coat of arms with a kangaroo and an emu; H.M. Queen Elisabeth II; Aboriginal art - cave drawings) UNC. P-42d (Cave drawings - artistic category) http://banknotebank.com/notes/904239A.jpg
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