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  1. I quite agree. The old pre 1920s notes were wonderful, but then so were the US coins of the majority of the 19th century. Since then, we in the US have had mediocre (at best!) designs of all our money.
  2. Antarctica 1 Dollar 22.4.1999 (penguins; mountains) UNC Costa Rica 5 Colones 7.4.1983 (Rafael Yglesias Castro; Flowers; National Theatre scene) UNC. I love the reverse!! Czechoslovakia 10 Korun 1986 (Pavol Orszag-Hviezdoslav; Orava mountains) UNC
  3. 1838 N-7 variety per John Wright's book. Nice one !!!
  4. As most of us know, the US currency notes are typically the same regarding design, color, legends, etc. ... yet the vast majority of world currency notes are done in differing designs and colors, and most are quite beautiful. ... now, why on earth won't the US make some decent looking notes for a change? Anyone else feel the same way???
  5. Where's the poll option for "They All Suck"
  6. I know nothing about currency errors except that I think those ones are really cool !!!
  7. The first for me was this little error note I got in change ...
  8. WELCOME J.O.N. We also have a currency section here. Feel free to join in anytime !!! We'll look forward to your photos.
  9. How 'bout a listing for Antarctica in BankNoteBank? I have a note from there
  10. That's a great note !!! There are apparently a lot of collectors that pay some kind of premium for "fancy" serial numbers, and I think yours qualifies nicely.
  11. Great idea Where do you get those boxes, Art?
  12. I prefer Dansco for albums, SaFlip for mylar 2x2 flips, AirTite for more permanent holders. All have excellent reputations.
  13. That's one of those "WOW" coins you rarely get to see Way to go !!!
  14. I never have. I had 27 bags of 5000 each, but they came from my late father-in-law's garage. I didn't bother searching 23 of the bags - I just sold 'em to a dealer. I have kept 4 of the bags because they still have the original lead bank seal on them. I might look at them sometime I guess my point on buying "unsearched" bags is this: How do they know the cents are all wheats unless they've been searched?
  15. You'll get the hang of it pretty soon
  16. I believe that it changes to the "hidden" format when an auction hits $200. This is making it SO easy for shill bidders now. Ebay has never cared much for the buyers, and this is just more evidence of that.
  17. Is there a way to search for banknotes that are for sale, like searching for coins for sale on Omnicoin?
  18. I don't know exactly how or why, but I got the "bug" so I'm going to bore you with pics of my acquisitions as I get them My first currency purchase: 1957-B $1 Silver Certificate
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