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  1. I use acetone or Xylol (xylene) to remove PVC contamination and "biologicals" (finger oils, etc.) but I would not use anything else under any circumstances. I have seen where olive oil loosens crud which can then be removed manually, but I would be afraid of scratching the coin's surface.
  2. You have the most amazing collection of English hammered coinage I've ever seen, and the history lessons you provide are simply fascinating! Thanks so much for sharing all of these with us.
  3. Stunning is right! That's a beauty
  4. Wow, Bill, I've never seen a Charlemagne coin before. That is too cool! Terrific coins guys!
  5. No kidding! I have nothing to compete with Dave's French piece, but here is one of my favorites. Greece 50 Drachmai 8.12.1978 (Poseidon; sailing ship):
  6. AuldFartte

    Dream Coin

    Gothic Crown for my Victorian type set
  7. The religious nuts who started this still haven't figured out how to read the edge of the coin ...
  8. I'd love to see pics of everything! Whenever you're ready, so am I
  9. That's a very nice looking site, and it's easy to navigate. Well done, Clive !
  10. Oh, that is a nice one, and in great condition, too.
  11. Thank you very much for the photos! Great information, too
  12. Great story, and neat coins (both of 'em!)
  13. Those are nice, and I have the same question as Frank - what's on the obverse?
  14. Hus, that George V Halfpenny is stunning!!!
  15. Oooooh, you all know me. I LOVE toners! The next one was undoubtedly artificially toned ... ... that'll do for now
  16. My first impression of that is that it looks French. That's a beautiful piece!
  17. That is one of the most interesting pieces I've seen. I think it's just beautiful, and the historical significance really makes it unique. Looks like you have quite a way to go to fill it up, huh?
  18. Nice Conders! I just love the Spalding! What a beauty
  19. I think our local club was formed in 1953.
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