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  1. Picked up at the local coin show 1820 O-106 Variety 1830 O-113 Variety
  2. 1822 U.S. Large Cent, N-12 Variety, EF. Dark, but with a smooth planchet. R-4 Rarity. 1835 U.S. Large Cent, N-8 Variety (Head of 1836), EF. Dark, but with smooth planchet. R-2 Rarity.
  3. From the local coin show a few weeks back. 1848 Fourpence - I think this puppy's been cleaned 1887 Sixpence with the Shield Reverse ... and a nicely toned 1900 Florin
  4. If you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, take the original high resolution photo, and use "Save for Web", with the setting at 100%. You'll get an excellent shot that is small enough in size to fit into BanknoteBank. I also resize physically before Save for Web" to about 1000 pixels on the longest side.
  5. Linky I wouldn't bid on it due to the lack of margins. I think you made a good decision. That's too bad - that's a neat serial number
  6. Welcome to CoinPeople !!! I've purchased from this guy and have been pleased with his service and prices. Mostly common stuff, but it's all been nice so far.
  7. Sorry you had to find out the hard way, but reporters and their editors have agendas I was interviewed years ago for a local newspaper concerning something directly related to my business at the time, and the reporter quoted me directly, he had all the words correct, he just neglected to put them in the same context as when he originally asked me those questions. He flat-out lied about what questions he asked me. I don't trust reporters at all.
  8. If I ask the price of a coin at a show and the seller picks up his copy of "Trends", I politely listen to his price, then thank him for his time and walk away. I have found that sellers who use "Trends" have grossly overpriced merchandise. Same with that magazine that I think is called "Coin Values". Both are usually way out of line.
  9. I still have all of mine, just like my OmniCoin collection. When I sell one, I'll remove it from the site.
  10. That makes more sense than paint. Looks really strange
  11. Well, just putting an address there instead of a photo means a ton of clicking links and going back to the source page. I'd rather see photos, but that's just me.
  12. I don't understand it either. I grabbed five of the new dollars at the bank yesterday morning, and two were right-side up, three were upside down. I guess there are a LOT of fools out there
  13. Haven't heard from him in a while
  14. Oh, yeah !!! Some truly awesome designs from Mucha. I'll get a few someday soon
  15. Try this guy http://www.banknotes.com/ Excellent service, good prices.
  16. Well, anybody from ¿Quién sabe? must not be a sock puppet, IMHO.
  17. Greece 50 Drachmai 8.12.1978 (Poseidon; sailing ship) UNC
  18. Czechoslovakia 10 Korun 1986 (Pavol Orszag-Hviezdoslav; Orava mountains) UNC Czechs are colorful
  19. Costa Rica 5 Colones 7.4.1983 (Rafael Yglesias Castro; Flowers; National Theatre scene) UNC I love the vibrant colors on the reverse of this one
  20. Antarctica 1 Dollar 22.4.1999 (penguins; mountains) UNC
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