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Hello to all, my name is Tony and i'm a coinaholic.


I just ran across this place the other day and it suits me.

I've been hangin around the PCGS and NGC forums but

most of those guys are to high on the hog for this redneck.


I started my collections of Walkers,Mercs,commemoratives and

what was concidered the ugly and worthless Morgans in the late

50s and early 60s. Due to the fact that the air force lost my

pay records and the wife liked to eat and stay warm,you do

what you got to do. That was about 1968 btw.


Everything was BU or better and i'm sure some of those babys

are in somebodys collections today.


Nowdays I pick up subjects such as Lewis and Clark,

buffalos and civil war coins and medals. I've even got a shoulder

mount buffalo head on the wall. :ninja:


So if you don't mind if I hang out around here i'll just throw my

coat on the floor and sit a spell.



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