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All I can say is WOW! You have certainly chosen a beautiful new direction. They're both fantastic. Enjoy!

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I got cheap:


Belgium: 1913 25 Centimes ( scuffed on the denomination side otherwise good)

1922 1 Franc


Brazil: 1901 (MCMI) 200 Reis


France: 1855b 5 Centimes ( obverse readable but worn, reverse can read cinq cen.. Eagle shows and B.

1866 1 Franc ( obverse bust very worn all letering readable, reverse most of lettering worn can see date, denomination and shield.

1925 50 Centimes (Chamber of Commerce)


Great Britain: 1901 1Florin/2shillings ( obverse bust shows but worn all lettering clear, reverse edges and sheilds worn can still read lettering and date.


Hungry: 1895 1 Korona


Israel: 1949 1 Prutah


Netherlands: 1920 1 Cent, has green gunk but otherwise good


Spain: 1877 10 Centimos, slight warp to it :ninja: ( obverse bust shows, lettering worn but clear, date clear, reverse very worn around edges, sheild crown and leaves show, Z in Diez and all of Centimos.


US: 1903 Barber Dime, has the "crap" beat out of it but I can still make out the date and tell its a dime, and I believe its "o" mint mark.


Please excuse any discrepencies as I don't know these very well, any corrections or info is appreciated! :lol:

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Netherlands: 1920 1 Cent, has green gunk but otherwise good



Ruler: Wilhelmina

Obverse: heraldic lion

Reverse: "1 cent" between orange tree branches

Composition: bronze

Designer: J.C. Wienecke

Mintage: 11,400,000

Mint mark: Caduceus (Koninkijke Nederlandse Munt, Utrecht)

Mint master mark: Seahorse (C. Hoitsema, 1909-1933)

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