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Ugly Coin Competition Revived


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Due to popular demand and PCI being in between seasons I'm reviving the Ugly Coin competition. I think the previous format of a title holder and challenger worked well.


Please post your entries in this thread. Omnicoin images and images of reasonable size (400x400) hosted eslewhere are accepted. This thread is for entries only, please reserve your shock and disgust for the actual competition. :ninja:


I will start the competition after we have a few contenders. Feel free to enter while the competition is under way.


Thanks for entering!

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Ok.  I'll have to find it....  :ninja:


Take a new one ... with your new light bulb !!! :lol:

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This is the worst quarter I have ever gotten out of circulation.

It's a 1996-D and it took me several days to figure out the "96" in 1996 :ninja:

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