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  1. I use a digital microscope and found that I had to raise the lens up to get all the coin in the picture. http://img5013.photobox.co.uk/28312714d9e5ece8f8497ba25c606e8663b0f735e44ae57c3efcb44ea6cc63e80e5f0b6a.jpg
  2. I followed this up ( Xmas and the wife?) but it costs as much in shipping as the items price! Around £21.30 in all!
  3. Boo! Foiled by some idiot - Oh! wait - it was me
  4. I've just voted - but I'm pretty sure I'd voted before??? Can you check. I was really surprised when the indicator showed that my previous vote didn't register. Now I've defeated my own stance!
  5. Stopped wearing ties when I left the forces in '78. Don't like 'em. this includes competition ties. Surely there's someone else out there that can end the deadlock?
  6. The farthing couldn't get any worse before being termed scrap
  7. All things European obviously are out of favour
  8. WWII memorbilia obviously tugged a few heartstrings
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