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1879 PR-63 Seated Dime


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According to my little book here this ranges from $200 (G-4), to $700 (MS-63). I am not a grader, but it is definatly way nicer than a G-4. I'm glad the price wasn't too bad. It looks like a beautiful coin, hope it turns out that way in hand.

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The cost wasnt bad, maybe a screw-up, thats why Iam going for it!, If I see any problems not mentioned I have a return privl.I dont see any from the photo, cant wait!!! :ninja:


I don't want to be a kiljoy here but their website says the coin is in a Gold Label PCI holder. For those that don't know, Gold Label PCI holders are heavily discounted in the marketplace. You can be virtually guaranteed that its not really a PR-63 and it may actually be A/T, cleaned or have other problems. Just a word of warning that all slabs are not created equal.

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