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  1. I have actually been thinking about getting some mint or proof sets from the year they were born for some of my nieces and nephews and telling them they will be worth thousands of dollars when they get older if they save them.
  2. Hs anyone seen that show on tv where they show how they make the proof sets and the mint sets? That was awesome! There is some work that goes into those coins.
  3. On my end it looks like it has a rainbow of colors. Very cool looking.
  4. I got mine in the mail and I must say I was extremely impressed. Thank you very much!
  5. 1st off the qustion wasn't wasn't presented to you and it DID matter. There was something I didn't take into consideration that the OP made apparent, that oviously you could not.
  6. I would love to have one of them bags, count me in please.
  7. Sorry for holding things up. It has been a bit crazy around here and I don't get online as much. I'll take the Mystery........ Thanks for a great and fun contest!!!
  8. I have an extra " P" but I don't have the " s" or any extra " d's". If you want the P let me know, just pm me your addy and I'll send it out tomorrow as I got to go to the post office tomorrow anyway.
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