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  1. A type set of the first American coinage, UNC! & TONERS!!
  2. The owl cant even come close to price on that Seated Liberty "PROOF"!, if thats any thought to the contest.
  3. See if your freind has any "Rainbow Toned" kennedy halves,Ill get some....
  4. 2coins


    Some "Toners" would be cool to find in that roll.
  5. How do we see the photo?, wheres his "Album"?.
  6. PROOF SEATED LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!!!! The Owl is nice, but Ive seen better examples, The Seated Liberty is a GEM!!
  7. Another good reason to Slab a rarer type coin is upon your death, heaven forbid, your next of kin will get a fair assesment of you collection rather than being in raw state. Most kin will just want to sell and wont know anything about the coins or very little... Slabbing the "BETTER" coins, I would rest peacefully in my grave, (A little better!).
  8. I have had a few Slabbed coins in the past, I' am sort of old time when it comes to these. I feel that the "Good" points of haveing a coin graded is when you have a rare type of (Die Variant), or a 1922 p lincoln, 55 double die ect...or to authenticate a type coin. I do believe this will add some value premium to the coin rather than being in raw state. On the other hand I have experienced Dealers who will push this as explained when they sell you these coins, but when you go to sell the same "Slabbed" variant coins, they wont give you the premium of being slabbed! they will just gray sheet y
  9. Hard to see the coins, they are as follows...1823(Ugly 3 variant)half,MS-64. 1833 quarter,with rare b2 reverse die, AU-50. the Dime is 1836 EX-fine, the Half-Dimse is 1834 MS-64..all nice toners.. Iam workin on the Bust dollar, and some of the older series.
  10. Reverses..I cant seem to scan very good......
  11. Here are some of my new additions!all toners...... Hope the scan works...
  12. I to have seen the "History channels" presentation on the US mint, way cool!!!!!!
  13. Stujoe is correct with the old style english "Dismes". I need one someday, but these are very, very pricy!!$$$$.The one shown has a great strike on the obverse, but looks like a filled Die on reverse.
  14. Welcome!, I to am a type US collector, I also have an interest in the Greek coins as well....
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