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What A Month in Ukraine Does...


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Looks like a nice group of coins. Is there a change shortage?


No, it is a mentality holdover from the Soviet era, when there was always a change shortage. There are plenty of coins, it is just that back in the old days in the USSR, there weren't. I remember back in the day hoarding 2 kopek coins, because that was all the payphones took. They were hard to find. The only coins that truly are scarce are the 1 Hryven coins, I have only about 7-8 of them, and asked for them from slightly more friendly cashiers.


Curiously the Ukrainian Hryven currency is still referred to as "rubl" and plural rublei in conversation.

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Why so many? Just to have enough to sort through for good examples or rare types? Does Ukraine do yearly proof sets or are they too hard to get or just not fun like hunting?!


Sorry if too nosey, just being curious


I have the annual sets when they come out with them, but frankly it is easier to get better Ukrainian coins outside of Ukraine. Here in Ukraine they are seemingly mishandled, stored in PVC etc.


Why so many coins, because I have a habit of jarring them when I come back from shopping forays. And Ukraine is much more of a cash based economy than the USA. I think I may have to get picky though and just save the good stuff, there are a lot of varieties of especially the 1992-1996 coins that you can still find in circulation and some of them are scarce, there was different milling on the edges, even slight design changes. There were also some occasional trial coins that got released into circulation before they were supposed to be. The one I would really like to find, but not from circulation, is the 15 kopek coin that was supposed to be released, but never was officially and there are only about 20-25 of them out there.

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sounds interesting.

my dealer has a fair few ukranians at 25p each... not worth it imo, but if there are variants and scarcities....

this any good?



Not worth 25p when 1 kopek coins are about 12 to the penny. Here they are nothing more than a nuisance. They are never used by people, only given out by stores doing the 4.99 Hrv. pricing. Even the 5 kopek coins are practically worthless. Most of my kopek coins have been picked up on the ground in grocery stores, markets etc.


Most of the variants dated to 1994-1996, and are different edges, and sizes of stuff like the tryzub(trident) device on the coins.

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ScottishMoney, you have an insatiable appetite for coins, whether they are worth pennies or five figures.


You are an inspiration to the rest of us! :ninja:

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interesting link for all Ukraine coins and all banknotes with pics :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_hryvnia


i have some Ukraine banknotes from the first series, second series and third series, i have all the first series !






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