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  1. gold coin 999,99 , 53cm ,100 kilo , in the Austrian auction juin 25
  2. Hockey NHL 100 years of Montreal Canadian 1909-2009 50 cents coin
  3. i just receive a DDR (east germany)5 mark coin 1989a Katharinen Kirche in Zwickau made ok copper -zinc -nickel , mintage 496.000
  4. you see a 5 Reichsmark 1937 ! where ?
  5. zinc 1940 J mintage 41,678,000 VF $1,25 , Unc $12,00
  6. I agree with you , is not easy to fing this coin ,i have only 4 , but the paper money is very easy to find http://cgi.ebay.ca/Wholesale-1000-Pcs-of-2...p3286.m20.l1116 http://cgi.ebay.ca/Wholesale-100-Pcs-of-20...3A10%7C294%3A30
  7. High Relief = Low value ,its good for garbage Thank for reply
  8. wow ! 1 Hryven coins ! Thank for showing the big 1 hryvnia (гривня) , very impressive ! спасибо here the link of Bank of Ukraine with the list ( with pic ) Classification of Commemorative Coins by Thematic Series : http://www.bank.gov.ua/ENGL/Bank_coin/Yuv_....htm#Airplaines of Ukraine
  9. here , pic made with the scan
  10. High Relief or Low Relief opinion please ?????
  11. No problem mate! all history about this piece is very interesting for knowing !
  12. i recovered some info about this COIN Actually, Goetz made a 5 Reichsmark Pattern in 1942 (K-659): As quoted by Mr. Kurt Jaeger of Stuttgart, the eminent German numistmatist: "...Quite different however, is the case of a Hitler pattern 5 Reichsmark of 1942, Mintmark A, copper, silver-plated, which was struck in normal size and with the customery edge engraving of the German 5 Reichsmark pieces in Berlin after a design by the medalist Goetz. One piece was presented to Hitler in his headquarters Wolfschanze by the Director of the Monetary System in 1942, Herr v.P. As the widow
  13. basically a medal is not a medal ! its very easy to see its a coin
  14. Absolutely Fantastic coin ! i have no idea ,exist TR proof coin !! Here , a prototype of 5 Reichsmark (proof) uncut 1942 , i see this coin in the Military Forum , and i see another one (round coin ) , the same pattern in another Military Forum !!!
  15. very nice and very good condition for the zinc coin ! I Agree its rare to find a zinc coin in this conditon !
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