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  1. Being honest I considered them a write off, so anything I got for them was great. I think they went for slightly below what they could have gone for in favourable conditions. I'm a bit like that sometimes - stupid - if there is something I enjoy and like I spend. If there is something I don't enjoy sometimes they literally get given away.
  2. For those not interested in clicking on links:
  3. If you think a third farthing was cool how about a quarter farthing! A Quarter Farthing In reality these coins were minted for the colonies Malta and Ceylon respectively and were to replace an existing coin of the same value. In the case of the third farthing it was the grani (grain) minted previously by the knights. A similair thing happend in Jersey were you had coins with the following fractions of a shilling: 1/12th, 1/13th, 1/24th, 1/26th, 1/48th and 1/52nd of a shilling. this was due to the exchange rate of the French sous to the pound etc.... Great coins with nice portraits of V
  4. I briefly flirted with hammered coins but alas they just did not get the juices flowing. So I decided to put all four of the medeivel English ones for sale. I did try to like them...honest! They are on ebay if interested: Henry VII Groat Edward III Edward I Penny I'll keep my Islamic and Persian hammered coins for now until the time arrives to...
  5. The gothic crown sets the standard though Una and the lion is pretty sexy too! (Thats Una not the lion in case you were wondering!) Alas Una is a mite too expensive for me... The Gothic Crown - The most Beautiful Coin In The World! I have also discovered some intresting Jersey fractionals 1/12th of a shilling, 1/13th, 1/24, 1/26 , 1/52.... that I need to post at some point. I like rthe portrait. Good detail and relief!
  6. You probably need to post a better pic.
  7. KardGeo


    When it comes to gold prices, be careful what you wish for!
  8. Aye, I would agree. She looks like the real thing. I haven't seen any obvious Chinese fakes recently, so it seems like they are concentrating elsewhere.
  9. Has anyone looked at the OCT 09 upcoming auction at Spink yet? I received the catalogue through the post today and have not really had time to look at it in detail. Noticed an Una and the lion which prompted a whistful day dream... and speaking of Spink does anyone have any historic prices for 1806 Hibernia Proof penny?
  10. Its interesting that posting to this forum also skews the data as browsers click on the linked out of interest or curiosity. Thanks for the discussion folks.
  11. The young head portrait does it for me.....
  12. ...and I'm sure you all spotted the obvious mistake in the last post...I ment 1878 :-)
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