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The never ending "Unknown Purchase" Contest. "Ended"

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Okay, No one has guessed the country and the denomination. This is going to be an extension of the same contest. Just put the extension in a separate thread.


See Unknown Purchase for the prize, previous guesses, and anything else you can deduct out of it.


Remember you need to put country, denomination, and date. To win someone needs to get at least the Country and denomination. If more then one person gets both it will go to a tie breaker which will be closest to date.

Everyone gets 3 more guesses. I would prefer you make them all in one post just to make it easier tracking. Contest should end Saturday. Unless we are in the same spot.


:ninja:;) ;)

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Mexico - Un Peso - 1911

US - Quarter - 1920

Panama - Un Balboa - 1917


Mexico - Cinco Peso - 1947

Panama - un cuarto de balboa - 1923

US - Walking Half - 1938


Panama - Half Balboa - 1934

Mexico - 10 Peso - 1955

Venezuela - 1/4 Bolivar - 1935


Thanks for allllll of the chances and the contest, Mark

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Okay, this section of the contest is over. No right Country and denomination guesses. (There has been right country, just the denomination wrong.) So next deadline is this coming Wednesday. Everyone gets another 3 guesses. Just have them in by Wednesday. (You really have till sometime after 6:00 PM Central Houston, Texas time. )


Just a reminder heres the prize.





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Oh boy. Will this ever end?


Mexico - 50 Centavos - 1938

Panama - 1/10 Balboa - 1934

US - 20 Cents - 1875



This has lasted a lot longer then I originally thought. But then the coin I got even I did not know what it was before I got it. ;) ;) :ninja:

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... ;) right?



Nope, that is not the coin I bought to add to my collection, but it is the coin I bought as a prize.

Just too tempting to make comments. :ninja:


BTW, I'll be out of pocket today and most of tomorrow so temptation will not be a problem. (Wish me luck heading to the casino.)

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Okay, contest reset. No winner. Next deadline Tuesday.


Don't give up Jeff. Need the extra guesses or it may end up being a 4th of July give away. :ninja:


BTW, not bad not good at the casino. Ended up coming back with under $100 less then we started. But 2 nights at the hotel, all meals, a Improv comedy show, two little coffee grinders, and two dozen monster cookies to bring back all comped. And had a good time.

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